Today, I received one email that did not look like spam. No, I did not win at some Lotto, inherit money... I just got this: Subject: OMG, what are you thinking Body:
What are you thinking...if pat sees this your divorced dude. :-{) see for yourself...
On the first look, you may think it's a viral/spam email using YouTube. It looked genuine when you see the link but by placing the mouse over it, I noticed that the "URL" was only a anchor text with no connection to YouTube. Underneath, it was an IP only. So, if a person is new to email, curious, tired to notice or just too quick to click on it, the damage could be very harmful to that person's computer. I had clues like the person sending it to me but somewhere on the Internet, there is a "dude" with a Pat that could had been dupe in clicking it. If said "dude" did something stupid at the company picnic with the secretary or his woman boss, he would had been a prime candidate. Some may say it's punishment ;) Conclusion Watch out for that link if in doubt because it may save you some headache. P.S If you clicked the link above, it's the IP of this blog. You do get a 404 error by my host but I think it's because it's a blog and IP is not redirected to WordPress 404 error management.
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