Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD player: The New $134 Doorstop?

While reading a French site(from France not Quebec), I discovered that Toshiba was now selling is Toshiba HD-A3 720p/1080i HD DVD Player for $133 and the Toshiba HD-A30 1080p HD DVD Player for $173. Choose a country(US, Canada...) and buy it for less or have a backup HD-DVD player: [phpbay]HD-DVD PLAYER A3, 6[/phpbay] They will say that it's a recurring sales that happens at this time of the year. Maybe it's true but with Warner dropping HD-DVD 11 days ago in favor of Blu-Ray, buying those players is not a deal anymore. Of course, it's one way for them to clear out the remaining stocks until most consumers are aware of that fact. By doing this, they are selling their players at a lower price than the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player($180). I wonder how Microsoft will feel about it or even Venturer the only other manufacturer of HD-DVD players. In November, Toshiba had the A2 for $99(Black Friday) and liquidated 90 000 units in 2 days. But during the holiday season, 1.2 million Playstation PS3(Blu-Ray) were sold. Again, buying into HD-DVD won't let you watch those Blu-Ray exclusive movies. Spider-Man 3 Pirates of the Caribbean - At World’s End Independence Day Live Free or Die Hard Cars Ratatouille Night at the Museum The Simpsons Movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind (30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition) Universal and Paramount won’t have any choice now with only 30% of the market for HD-DVD and 70% for Blu-ray. It may take a few more months for them and I expect an announcement in a month or 2. They may dropped HD-DVD or do both for a while like Warner is doing. Yes, price is important and I have nothing against Toshiba but you still need content which HD-DVD has even less now. Buyer beware!
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[...] Warner decided to go with Blu-Ray, I can say that the war is almost over but Toshiba don’t accept it yet as Universal and Paramount. Since, I participated in many interesting discussions on the [...]


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