I went to a few places to see if it was possible to get the Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD Player in Quebec City and at what price. Guest what? I could not find one. I also read on a Canadian forum that other electronics stores did not have them anymore in stocks. Now we know where they were all ship back to. With the big fire sale($100-$200) expected on the next few days/weeks in the US, Toshiba probably wanted the maximum of stock in US stores and some specific US cities. I could however find the newer version Toshiba HD-A30 1080p HD DVD Player but this one cost more. I think Toshiba took the ideal from American Gangster(Universal movie and HD DVD supporter)  a little too far. Okay, it's Friday and wanted to have a bit of a laugh. And no! I did not want to buy one, unless it was $100 ;) Did you get one, where and what price(below $200)?
Keywords: High definition, Technology