When I bought my first HTDV(PT-50LC13) in October 2003, LCDs and plasmas were way out of range so I bought a LCD rear projection HDTV(Panasonic PT-50LC13). Like the number indicate it's a 50 inches HDTV(720P/1080i and cost me an arm and a leg back then. :D

I'm always looking at the number of connectors out. The Panasonic PT-50LC13 was also a multimedia HDTV since I was able to connect 2 computers(VGA) at the same time. I used one for my HTPC(Home Theater PC) using my own MIS Info Video for front end.At that time, the standard digital connection was DVI(video). HDMI(video/audio) was not available then.

DLPs were also available and I was looking at them. One thing I looked for was the lamp life.  The TY-LA1000/TYLA1000 for the Panasonic PT-50LC13 was rated at 10000 hours and DLPs were 8000 hours. Having 2000 hours more sealed the deal.

Btw, I noticed that 60 inches rear projection HTDV(LCD, DLP) are still sold in Costco for example. They are next generation(1080P) and cost less than plasmas.

Tip: For lower size HDTV, look at: plasmas or LCDs, 1080P, 3 HDMI(v1.3) for Blu-Ray, PS3 and Cable/Sat

Burn, Baby, Burn!

In 5 years, I burned 3 TY-LA1000 lamps(4400, 1300, 6200). The 4th one is still going on. Like you can read, it's far from the 10000 hours. Talking to the technicians when I replaced my first lamp, he told me the real life is more like 5000-6000 hours. That is for almost all LCDs and DLPs. The sellers were mentioning those new numbers to clients by then.

Anyway, I had bought the extended warranty believing that the lamp was covered but it was not. After talking to the manager, I was able to purchase the lamp for 50%  off or $225CAD(2005).  The second lamp died in the first year after just 1300 hours of use so the third one(6200 hours) was free.

Tip: Leave the TV on and only close it after you really have finished watching TV for the day. Don't do on/off like a normal TV because the lamp need 45 minutes to cool down.  Tell your visitors too! ;)

I had to buy a new TY-LA1000 lamp at the start of the year. Wow! the price dropped to $400(being sarcastic here). Panasonic did not lower the price like other manufacturers in Canada. I had enough gift certificates to buy the lamp. I was planning something but ...

Seeing the price of my local retailer, I will be looking for alternative to get my next TY-LA1000 for Panasonic PT-50LC13 below instead. Plus, it's cheaper.  My brother in law has a later generation. The TY-LA1000/TYL1000 was used for those other models below. I hope it help others save some money if they have to replace their lamps. I wrote the model 3 ways to make it easier for other seeking cheap.

Replacement lamp/bulb for: PT-43LC14, PT-43LCX64, PT-44LCX65, PT-50LC13, PT-50LC14, PT-50LCX63, PT-52LCX15B, PT-52LCX65, PT-60LC13, PT-60LC14, PT-60LCX63, PT-60LCX64, PT-61LCX65

PT43-LC14, PT43-LCX64, PT44-LCX65, PT50-LC13, PT50-LC14, PT50-LCX63, PT52-LCX15B, PT52-LCX65, PT60-LC13, PT60-LC14, PT60-LCX63, PT60-LCX64, PT61-LCX65

PT43LC14, PT43LCX64, PT44LCX65, PT50LC13, PT50LC14, PT50LCX63, PT52LCX15B, PT52LCX65, PT60LC13, PT60-LC14, PT60LCX63, PT60LCX64, PT61LCX65

If you click on TY-LA1000, you will see the price on a well known US site. That's on the high end for the price.

Select the country first. They do have other models like the TY-LA1500/TYL1500. Just click on one of the lamp and do a search after. For US, it is after.

For Canada

[phpbay]TY-LA1000, 6, ,"","","","","","","","","","",2,""[/phpbay]

For U.S.

[phpbay]TY-LA1000, 6[/phpbay]

Ballast Kit

For Canada(Ballast Kit)

[phpbay]ballast kit, 6, ,"","","","","","","","","","",2,""[/phpbay]

For U.S.

[phpbay]ballast kit, 6[/phpbay]
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