Universal is to blame for the current Blu-Ray/HD-DVD format war

The title is correct. I'm not talking about the Toshiba/Sony hardware war. It's too late for that now. It's all about content now. I use current because Universal(last major hold out) is being paid by the HD-DVD group for exclusive content. It's not a new practice because the Blu-Ray group does the same. The longer the format war, the better it is for Universal, at least short term. In this case, GE, the parent company of Universal, is not happy about it and made some pressures on Universal executives. 300 (Warner), available in both formats, was sold 2 to 1 in favor of Blu-Ray. Seeing another evident "win" for Blu-Ray, Universal should do the right thing for their clients by supporting both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD before the years end. Sooner will be better. And don't forget that Disney and Fox did not release their best movie yet! This year major blockbusters, Spider-man 3 and Pirates of The Caribbean, are only on Blu-Ray. The holday conversation Imagine, comes the holidays, when a grand child of the GE boss ask: Grand child: "Grandpa, why can't I play The Bourne Ultimatum in my Playstation 3?" GE boss: "Well....Grandpa did not make it clear enough to those that made Bourne(Universal) that the majority should enjoy Grandpa movies". Grand child: "Why?" GE boss: "I did not insist enough" Grand child: "But you are their boss, no?" GE boss: "You are right. I will demand." GE boss to himself: "I should had listen to Steve. When I think of all the money lost and negative publicity because of Universal bad decision. They will be all fired!" Disclaimer: The above conversation did not take place, yet. It was meant to reproduce something that will occur in the future based on a strong and valid scientific method. By making this simulation, I hope to save the jobs of many Universal executives so that they have a great Holiday season this year. No player was harm during and no child cried during the simulation. Conclusion I don't have a problem with studios doing both formats for awhile but I want Blu-Ray to be the clear winner to end it now. I do feel for those that picked the wrong format(HD-DVD). Eventually, they will be able to buy their movie again in Blu-Ray for less if their HD-DVD is ever scratch or the HD-DVD player is broken. If lucky, they may able to buy a dual format at a premium later on when the rest of us would buy a lower priced Blu-Ray player. Some started to boycott Universal. I won't because they have Heroes and did not see Bourne yet. I'm still coughing a little and don't want to bother others and also be their patient zero ;) ) Other nice sources: The Digitalbits has great and longer article on this and also on Hettrick Blogs. For a look about content: By The Numbers - Why the HD DVD/Blu-Ray War Is Over
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[...] Universal is to blame for the current Blu-Ray/HD-DVD format war [...]

I don't have either kind of player, but even if I did, I'd want regular DVDs so I could play them on any of the DVD players with any of the TVs, in the house.

I don't have neither one yet but it will be Blu-Ray(more possible content for me).

Well, regular DVDs still feel new for me! :) I can't imagine they'll be out of fashion too quickly.

Regular DVDs are old for me ;) It's been 2 years now that I did not buy one and that was a gift for my birthday.

Okay, I don't know very much about this new generation of discs, but I do remember that besides better quality, the big attraction of DVDs over videotape was being able to skip scenes, jump to the menu, and not need to rewind to the beginning after watching a movie.

It's a post not a comment, at least in length ;)

Well, having read that article, I guess downloading cheaply and efficiently is a long way off. And with that said, I've run out of things to say on the matter, except that we all watch too much TV anyway! :)

A long way off. Some region, it's faster and could do it but the other factors are not set yet.

[...] you missed it in theater, you could see in Blu-Ray this next holiday season. Oops! I meant to say HD-DVD only. Sorry for those with a [...]


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