I received a few reports that my 2 freeware did not work under Vista. It is normal at this point because they were not tested under Vista. I was not ready to upgrade my work computer so I decided to install Vista Home Premium(OEM) on my HTPC(3 years old) . My newest video card was too also too old so I bought the cheapest silent card I could find with a MCE remote(OEM). It cost me $275CDN in total for those 3 things with shipping and taxes. :( And I was lucky to get them in sale but still....Think about it if your make the jump to Vista. I did not have a real choices and hope to get donations or people visit the ads ;) . I took the MCE remote in case someone participated in my competition to make an add-on/application that would import/read a .MIS in a Media Center Edition. Now, a quick notes about compatibility under Vista I started preliminary testing on Info2MIS with Vista and it work on my system(clean). Also, I had to wait because the installer was slow to start and I taught it was frozen. Wrong: just let it run and it will be install. But unfortunately the Context menu in Windows Explorer does not. So, bye bye 2 clicks for a movie. But, you can do them in batch mode(folder) for now. MIS Info Video is barely working. I was able to start it under the Run as Administrator mode and it work. But when I double-click on it on the desktop after with my normal account, it loads and stop with a small window "123". This is a secondary serial check from the registered days. I will have to check it out more later. Good news about MIS Info Video, I found a company for my icons and the work was started on the many custom icons. More on that on a later post. I will be able to include them in v2.6 with, hopefully, a more compatible Vista version.Both works with Vista but not like in Windows XP and you must use a longer way to do things "Ghosting" will be my best friend in the next weeks and users that can report bugs also under Vista. About Vista It was reported today that 20 millions Vista were sold in the first month. It included(?) the Vista upgrades sold before last Christmas seasons. My impression about Vista is mixed for now. Yes, it needed more security but it's at the cost of installing an application a royal pain. Granted, it's my first day with it and will need to find a way to deactivate those pesky security questions. My HTPC is connected on my TV via the VGA and every time I get one of those questions, I loose the signal for a few seconds. This does not help me. Plus, many things that I was used to find has now changed the way they do it. It could be the naming or the location in Vista. I will have to get used to that. :D
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