While working on the Google Trends form in AuctionSiteWriter, I saw a trend called vaxieplar.com. Since ASW gave me 0 on the number of links for all 3 major search engines, I decided to check out vaxieplar.com. When I arrived, a popup told me that my IP had uploaded a picture there in the last 48 hours. I was asked to give more information to login. It too was fishy since I never went there before and the background was blurred with many pictures in columns. Plus, I could see that I needed a "special" plugin. Yeah right, like I'm going to trust it. Also, leaving was bothersome with too many "last chance" popup. I did not stay long. So, it's my warning about vaxieplar.com. My question is how was it in trends in the first place? Hopefully, this post will be at the top on search engines and might save people some nasty possible pain. P.S. It could also be legit but my gut feeling says otherwise.
Keywords: Internet, scam, Virus