I'm always interested to see how other countries do business or offers. Well, if they would do like this UK mobile phone shop here in Canada, many would had a mobile, or cellular like we say here, a long time ago. ;) With the HD format officially over now, I bet that many would prefer to take the free 40GB PS3 versus the XBox 360 arcade deal. You may pay more, but you can play movies too. :D I was expecting a 36 months term but it was only 18 months. I guest the rules are the same for most mobile phone shops around the world, your are under a contract or you pay as you go. But on the site I was checking out, I thought it was layout better than here. For fun, I click on the PS3 offer and saw that 512MB Memory stick was also included. I could see the term, the number of minutes, the number of texts and line rental. The line rental column, I did not understand. When I clicked on it for help, I got this text in a window:
Payment by direct debit is mandatory. Itemised billing is also included with this deal. This is a minimum 18 month contract.
I checked the FAQ but it did not explained it. Is it that you must rent the phone number over in the UK? Something that is great is that real clients were able to rate their phone in the package they had be leaving a review. That should help others when they do choose a phone. They were not a one phone network store like most stores are here. They offered plans to 5 mobile networks. Some, I knew because they sponsored international events and with the most known to me: T-Mobile(US based). Anyway, phone shops should learn from them. I do like the extra offer. :D The first person to answer me by leaving a comment about my line rental question, you will be able to add your blog in my blog directory for life. Hey! I'm curious and patient ;)
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