What is Blu-Ray?

Today, I wanted to look at what people were searching between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. So, I used a keywords searching tools. I found the results interesting. I will show you the top 10 of each format. The number will represent the number of times per day the keywords is searched. Blu-Ray Logo Blu-Ray 2,747 searches (top 100 only) 670 blu-ray 125 blu-ray movies 114 blu-ray disc 93 what is blu-ray 72 blu-ray dvd player 58 blu-ray dvd 56 blu-ray player 52 blu-ray players 40 blu-ray vs hd-dvd 38 hd vs blu-ray HD-DVD Logo HD-DVD 992 searches (top 100 only) 123 hd-dvd 49 hd-dvd player 40 blu-ray vs hd-dvd 31 hd-dvd burner 26 hd-dvd movies 21 toshiba hd-dvd 19 hd-dvd porn 19 hd-dvd vs blu-ray 19 hd-dvd vs. blu-ray 15 12 free hd-dvds If I looked at the numbers, Blu-Ray is searched 3 times more than HD-DVD. Of course, it's new for most people and has 3 times more possible players sold. Also, for the release of a new DVD, they are starting to mentioned Blu-Ray even more now and that the Playstation 3 can also play movies. HD-DVD don't have this problem because many people are aware of HD and mostly of DVD. HD-DVD user like to search for HD-DVD Porn(Top 7). Blu-Ray porn was in 19th position. Hmm! What does this means? ;) What is Blu-Ray? In case you found this page first, I will tell you in simple words: It's a high-definition media format for movies to replace the current DVD format. It's supported by the following major studios: Sony(Spider-Man 3), Fox(Live Free or Die Hard), Disney(Cars), MGM, Warner and Lionsgate. Warner also do HD-DVD, for now. The others are exclusive to Blu-Ray. You may want to read my blog for more information on which format will win *cough* Blu-Ray *cough*. You may want to see the longer definition here. Conclusion The overall numbers are very small but next year, I imagine it will much bigger. Where will HD-DVD Porn or Blu-Ray porn positions be by then and what number of times per day? :D
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Thanks for this review..

Great post thnaks ;)

t people and has 3 times more possible players sold. Also, for the release of a new DVD, they are ;)


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