What is forex anyway?

For a couple of weeks now, I had seen the term forex used on many blogs. I knew it was about the market but never took the time to look it up. Today, I did while looking a sitepoint.com. A guy was selling a site and it's where I learned it was for Foreign Exchange. It's the currency trading to be more precise. I had an ideal it was that but because of my French roots, I was not so sure. Show me the money The seller was nice by giving a very good description and I could not believed the amount of money it represent in a day. One day of forex trading is equal to 1 month of the Dow Jones. I guest trading currencies is big money. To show how much money that's in there, some will pay up to $13-17 for some keywords like: trading currencies, fx trading, currency trading, global forex trading, forex trading platforms .....That's far from the .15 cents I often get. :D Back then That reminds me that a few years ago, the Canadian dollar was 0.63 versus the American dollar. Now, it's 0.95 and can offer $500 prize without losing too much. Still, PayPal takes it's 2-3 cents share for the exchange plus the normal fees. I wonder what would happen if the world would use one currency like we often see in science-fiction movies. ;)
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[...] is forex anyway? juslso wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptFor a couple of weeks now, I had seen [...]

Nice article, of course the forex trading market is not that simple and involves too many thing to cover in a few phrases.


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