I was listening to the car radio when I heard the owner of an electronic store talking about what people buy in a recession. The interviewer was asking him if the coming recession will hurt his business.

My instinct told me that people would stay home and I was right. In fact, he expect to have more sales because people will prefer to invest in a home theater instead of going on a vacation. People will tend to do more cocooning thus everything that's home related will be items in demand.

People who are in the market to buy a home theater system or planning to upgrade their system will find more opportunities to make and save money at the same time.  Some will look for bargains/used systems while others will sell their old system thus lowering the price of the new system.

If you were wondering what people buy in a recession, you now have clue where to begin.

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Home Theater System

I'm only showing 6 home theater system but if you click on any item below, you can search for other home related items. If you are buying or selling, this will give you an idea of the price.

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