Seagate announced it's 1TB(1000Gig) drive to compete against Hitachi and Samsung. What would you do with that kind of space? Is it too much? Let me tell you how it could be use:
  • Transfer your DVD collections without additional compression(around 150 DVDs.)
  • Compress all movies(DVD, Recorded from tuner card) using DivX(around 1400 movies)
  • Record without additional compression(MPG2) with your media PC (around 500 movies or 1000 TV series)
This is one way to have an easy access to a movie collection. And for those with small kids, protect the original DVD from harm ;) Notes:
  • You could have more or less depending on the compression level
  • I think DivX is in sale now(I paid more than $19.99USD in 2005) and take also the MPG2 plugin. I needed it when I wanted to convert a DVD and video(MPG2) I had captured with my Hauppauge WinTV-250
  • Get Dr. DivX(free) to make it simple to convert your movies and play them on standalone DVD/Divx player. Just rename movie.divx to movie.avi
If you want to see what you could do with a bunch of movies converted to .AVI(DivX) and with a .MIS, .JPG
Keywords: HTPC, Media Center, Movie, Television