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Because not many entered the contest yet, I will have to explain why you should add your blog and why I ask a small fee. When I launched 1 Cool File, it was because I always dreamed of having my own download site. But, by adding the Blog Directory, I now have bigger plans with 1 Cool File that  has 3 major phases and money for bloggers. Phase 1: It's done. The launched allowed me to get fresh files on the site. This also created a pool of possible advertisers. More files and advertisers are added everyday. Phase 2: It's going now with the contest. The creation of the paid Blog Directory is allowing me to create a pool of serious bloggers. Advertisers(shareware / freeware) will be able to select from it for making reviews. Because it's "public", any outside advertisers can also find a blogger willing to do a review for them just by searching the 150+ categories. This will be a good marketplace for you. You can even pay another blogger to review your blog. By asking a small fee from the blogger, I will not ask any cut of the amount that you charged the advertiser. Your Buy Now URL will send the advertiser to your review rate landing page. You could have one just for 1 Cool File or any third party services you want. If you go the direct route and handle all communications with the advertiser, you will be able to keep 100% of the review fee. Your first review will cover the cost of the Blog Package but after that, it's all profits for you. What do you prefer: 10%, 35% , 50% or 0% cut? As an option, I will ask a very small fee to display the review on the Review page(limited number of reviews at a time) and/or Front page (even less reviews). Those will be short term listing and will attract other advertisers to your blog. Otherwise, I won't list it on 1 Cool File. Phase 3: After the contest, I will have enough bloggers to offer reviews to shareware/freeware authors. I currently have a Review page done by a third party service. That page will be replace by your reviews from phase 2. My role will still be limited but I will select bloggers that can do software reviews. For that, they will have to do a review test to show what kind of quality review they can do. I will only accept neutral to positive reviews. The feedback is important to the advertiser/author. A 10-20 minutes review is not enough for many applications. That's where some of you will make the money by offering many level of reviews and prices! I did not give any Editor's Rating so far. I don't believe in giving them freely even if it's better for my backlinks/PR. The Editor's Rating will be handle in part by me. The advertiser will pay me $100-200USD but you will do the review if your are chosen by the advertiser. You will have to follow some specific guidelines that will give you a score. When it's done, you will get paid if the advertiser get 3.0 or more. Otherwise, I will refund the advertiser in part and we get less. The review will be 6 months or until the next major version in the Review page. I will keep 10-50% depending on the actions I had to take. I want the Editor's Rating to be a mark of value to users. Phase 3 is still not finished but my main motivation is to leave the most money in the hand of the blogger so that the advertisers be glad of their investments. Conclusion I hope you understand why I need a lot of bloggers. Otherwise, I will not be able to promote your blogs to advertisers. So, that $2.50/year don't seemed much when you see the potential you can gain in traffic and money from reviews(if you do reviews). Are you ready to add your blog now? P.S. I should mentioned that I did reviews(a few) and also paid a lot for them too. Because of this, I can see both sides.
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