When I started 1 Cool File back in August, the site did not used nofollow on the files(shareware, freeware...) that were added every day. Of course, they were added for free and I had a PR0. When I decided to add the paid Blog Directory category, again I did not used nofollow. But when Google started to slapped bloggers/directories on paid links and reduced their PageRank, I did not take any chance and I added the nofollow on every links so I believed. The download and screenshot did not have the nofollow. Worst, it was also files that were penalized and yet they were added for free. Why I removed nofollow from 1 Cool File During the last month, I made many modifications on the site and the affiliate program I offered. My affiliate program was made better by increasing commissions for example. But the major change in my policy was started last week when every real blog could be added for free(1 year). They still need to meet the requirements. Now, those that don't want to wait can do a short review(with a nofollow) or pay a small fee. But those that do pay, will get somethings extra like higher commissions, more RSS feed shown, ... If I was not giving something else, Google would be in it's right(like it or not) to downgrade my PR6. For example with Yahoo, you can submit your site for free or pay $299 to be considered within 7 days. After that, it's $299/year. They do review(not write) the site first like me. Yahoo Submit Site That's why today, I removed the nofollow and all links are now dofollow. What about advertisers? Those are considered paid links and so they will have the nofollow added. This will be in accordance with Google stand on paid links. Conclusion The way I see it, I was almost following Google paid links policy all along except for advertisers which I do now. By now giving a free option to add a blog, it make it more so. You may now add your blog now!
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