Why I won't go see movies in theater made by Universal, Paramount and Dreamworks

After the dust settled about the news that Paramount and Dreamworks has joined Universal in the exclusive HD-DVD camp, I decided that I won't see most movies made by them in theater. The HD format war was almost over and this will only prolong it unnecessary and it's the consumer who will pay for it. I do this because MONEY(150Millions for Paramount and Dreamworks) is what they understand! So now, they will have a lot less of my money. If they would go format neutral and support both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, I don't mind. I just want Blu-Ray to be the standard for any movies that gets out and be done with that stupid format war. Why Blu-Ray? If you want to know why I still prefer Blu-Ray, just read the updated By The Numbers II. Blu-Ray has still more overall content. I also made my position clear on my blog. I also commented that the next holiday season will be critical for both sides. I don't even have a Blu-Ray player but still decided to do something about it and not be passive about it. Is it a full boycott? No, it's not a total boycott but a selective one. Some may have noticed that I wrote most . That's right, I like going to the theater but will only see movies that I deemed worthy of my money and time. With them, I will be even more selective. For example, if you see a movie trailer by them but are still hesitant, don't see it. I also wrote theater because they make a lot of money there. I won't even rent the DVD. I won't missed any of them because I have a specialty movie channel but they make a lot less money there. I will be patient and wait for the movie to air on that channel or will I need to be? Take a stand for you I'm only a drop in a very big bucket but if you start to be more selective too, they will understand and support both HD format again. If they collectively loose more than 200Millions(I don't know how much Universal got paid) by the next holiday season, they won't have a choice. For example, they could loose 10-20 Millions per movie of the expected box office. After 10-20 movies, the shareholders will demand answers and solutions. Going format neutral will be the solution! Current HD consumers had already chosen(2:1 in favor of Blu-Ray). They can end this sooner but others must be aware of this selective boycott. Also by doing this, I hope to put an end much sooner to the stupid format war. So for this to work, you need to Digg, StumbleUpon, Reedit ...spread the word on you blog if you want and tell your family and friends. Notes: It's comments on the selective boycott only and what you did. I will delete(hope not) any comments that don't belong here. To HD-DVD fans: I did not write the end of HD-DVD. Please, read my other posts first and leave you comments there. Thank you.
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