I think the ideal by ReviewME is a good one and I'm not opposed against it like many bloggers. Some bloggers (Dosh Dosh, ProBlogger, Blogoscoped, John Chow) do raised a few good points but it should not be dismissed off hand too quickly. Here is how advertorial could work for all parties(Advertiser, Blogger and Readers)ReviewMe Advertorial
  • It should be made clear to the readers. A new tag(advertorial post) should be created for that. This may help those using RSS/email to filter them out.
  • The advertiser should write it for the blog and not be a simple cut and paste that they reuse for other blogs. They could match it better with the style of the blogger.
  • Readers should look at it like a new way to know about a product/service. It's not a new concept because newspapers and magazines use it now.
  • Bloggers should not have more than 1 or 2 per week.
  • Comments must be allowed and let advertiser/blogger to respond to any questions. Comments should be focus to the product/service.
  • Bloggers could add their opinions if they want in the post(mini-review) or in the comments. They have the option to accept or not offer in the first case. The fact it was posted means that the blogger like the product/service.
Show me the money! Let's see how much I could earn with my blog. For now, a ReviewME on my blog is only $80. $40(50%) x 8 = $320/month Considering that my PageRank is now 3 and should be 4-5 (iwebtools is not working now). This could be a very good money maker for the blog. Conclusion Bloggers and readers should give it a chance and help make it better. If the money is good, a blogger could remove some advertisement that is not paying very much. Also in my case, the money earned could help me pay for reviews of other products/services. At the moment, I'm paying from my own pocket. And if you followed this blog, you know that I spent much more than what I could make in 2 months using advertorial.
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