I was watching TV when I stumble on this infomercial about the WorxGT. Of course, I did not know of this company before seeing it but found the WorxGT interesting and versatile for a trimmer/edger. Plus, it's cordless. My post is not about that part of the product.

What I found less interesting was that it was using it's own special spool. That got me a little worried in that if you have to wait or worst, the company closes for x reason, you have a useless product in your hand.

But to compensate for that issue, they give the spools for free and you just pay for the shipping. Now, this a good idea and good marketing for them.

The cordless trimmer my father had many years ago was very simple, the charge did not last and the replacement battery was costing about the same as the trimmer itself. Things change for the best. :D

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