20% Off Coupon For Fast Blog Finder

One of the easiest way to get backlinks with PageRank, it's to use Fast Blog Finder(free/Paid). I have a 20% off coupon(GBF-9ECD) to upgrade to the Gold version(show more blogs). When I bought it, I did not have that chance to save money so take it while you can since I don't know when it will expire.

Price in many countries

Here are few countries. They use your IP to give you the price for your country(not all). The Canadian dollar has fallen a lot in the 2 months. :(

$61.46 CDN $49.17 CDN
$49.00 USD $39.20 USD
38.57 EUR 30.85 EUR
29.89 GBP 23.92 GBP
$75.66 AUD $60.52 AUD

They do offer an Extended Download Service($5.99 USD). I did not take it but some may want to download it at any time.

Even if the coupon does not work later on, it's still a good software to get backlinks. I paid the full price, and did not regret it, to get access to more features.

What's new in the 2.5 version:

What's new in the 2.5 version:

- "Load Blog List" option. Using this option you can load your own list of blogs into the program, determine blogs types and post comments. Note: this option is available for the users of the Gold edition of Fast Blog Finder only.

- "Skip duplicate posts between different search queries" option to the Settings (General). Using this option you can avoid duplicate posts in the search results. If a post is already found in any list, this post won't be displayed within the search results in a new list.

- ability to create folders and sort blog lists by different folders. This feature is very useful if you have a large quantity of lists. You can create as many folders and sub-folders as you want and move the lists to the respective folders. To move a list to a folder, just drag the list and drop it to the folder. If you delete a folder, it is deleted together with the lists it contains.

- ability to add domains to the blacklist in order they do not show within the search results next time. This option is useful if you found any crappy blogs and do not want them to show up in the search results anymore. The domains are saved to a text file. You can open the text file (blacklist) and edit the domains or delete the domains using the standard options of a text document.

- ability to export all the blogs from all the lists at a time (Export Wizard -> All). The Export Wizard was enhanced. You can choose to export either the blogs from the current list only, or export all the blogs from all the lists at a time.

- improved the "Detect Blog Type" option. You can choose to determine the type of either selected blogs within the list only, or of all "Unknown" blogs on the list. There is no need to filter the blogs by type anymore in order to separate Unknown blogs and determine their type. You can detect the type of all Unknown blogs within the list with one mouse click.

Get 20% Off Coupon For Fast Blog Finder GBF-9ECD

Edit: New coupon Get 20% Coupon On Fast Blog Finder For Christmas
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