46 Sites To Submit Your RSS Feed

One way to get more visibility is to submit your RSS feed to many sites. I found this list and build on that. Like any list out there, a site may change the requirements for submission or even be closed. That being said, the list is very fresh for now. The original list was from September 2007 and it already had a few sites closed. I had to add a few others. It could had been 50 or 40 but ended with 45 46.


Some will limit the number of submission per day, ask more than the RSS feed, have a gotcha, reciprocal link/create an account(no included here), specialized... So, I concentrated on those that did not ask for an email first.

No email required:

In many cases, you just need to enter the feed URL

  1. 2RSS.com

  2. Blogdigger

  3. feed24

  4. Feedbase

  5. FeedBomb

  6. FeedBoy

  7. FeedFury

  8. FeedMap

  9. feedNuts

  10. FeedOoyoo

  11. feeds2read.net

  12. FeedSee

  13. FeedsFarm(news blog only)

  14. Golden RSS Feed

  15. IceRocket

  16. MoreNews.be

  17. Octora(my feeds were already added or it was an error)

  18. page2go2.com

  19. postami.com

  20. PressRadar(news only)

  21. Read A Blog

  22. RSSfeeds

  23. RSS Network

  24. RSSMotron

  25. Search4RSS

  26. The ASP Ressource index

  27. FeedBees

Email required:

When I saw they were asking for an email, I stopped there to build the list. But I did a few ones last night but not all.

  1. AideRSS.com

  2. BlogBunch

  3. BlogPulse

  4. BlogStreet

  5. DayTimenews

  6. BlogLeeg

  7. FeedPlex

  8. FindRSS

  9. Jordo Media

  10. MillionRSS

  11. PLAZOO

  12. RSSbuffet Feed Directory

  13. RSSMicro

  14. SciencePORT

  15. Small Business Blog Directory(only business blogs allowed)

  16. SolarWarp.Net

  17. Rocket RSS Reader

One site that I found nice was FeedMap. You can add you blog location on a map. So, if you ever want to create a meeting of local bloggers, you would be able to contact them. Just put the city and not the full address like they mentioned.

It took me longer because I had 2-4 blogs to submit. But if you have one blog, then start with the first part of the list with no email. Each site will open in a new window. In Firefox, I used tabs instead and opened 10 at a time.

Are there other sites that exist? Yes but I don't know all of them and they may offer other things. My focus was on the easiest one first.

The great thing is that it will increase you RSS feed subscribers readers. I noticed that this morning with the few I did last night :D

Of course, you can submit your blog to 1 Cool File(my site), Technorati....

Plug: On 1 Cool File(free account), the RSS feed will be shown when visitors open your detail page of your blog. Your visitors can also vote for you. If you do paid reviews, have advertisement spots for sale or have a freeware/shareware, blog theme or plugin, it's the place for you!

Edit: You may want to get this ebook since there is a "bonus" software to make it easier and faster to submit your feed. I wrote a review about the ebook.
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This is a fantastic resource. I don't know if it does any good to actually submit your feed to these sites, but I guess I'll give it a try and find out. I think I'll start with the first 28 and go from there. Thanks!


I am happy to find your site. Heartly Thanks.

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I found a link to this blog over on the DP forums, thanks for the feed info.....now I have some work to do.

Yes you do :D

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Nice posting keep it up

Great post mate! I was on the hunt for a few new RSS feed directories and a bunch of these were new to me.

No problem but you may want to read my last post.

[...] a press releases(post) for the new version that will be published with the help of your blog's RSS feed. I'm using misfan.com to promote all that is M.I.S. related. I use Wordpress(free) but I needed [...]


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