5 Days Left To Win $ 500

You have until September 30, 2007 to enter the $500 contest. It's easy to enter and you just need to follow the rules. At the moment, I have only 8 official entries and 16 prizes. Why you should enter? A chance to win $500 of course and familiarize yourself with 1 Cool File and possibilities. Any future contest? If the contest is not popular for that kind of prize, you can say good bye to another big contest from me and other bloggers. Yes, the next blogger that will want to make a contest with that kind of money will have to seriously think twice. So, instead of the $500, you will have $25, $50 or $100. It's something but it's not $500. The big money prize will come from the few top bloggers out there. Let's see, I had 3 times more the entries in the $100 than with the $500 thus far. What is wrong with that picture? Are you waiting at the last minutes? I hope it's that. Got burned? I realize that some of you were burned by another blogger that shall remain nameless. In my case, I can say that I have my own business behind it and serious about it. During the passed month, I added an affiliate program(up to 35/15% commission) and mentioned the goals of the blog directory that will make money for you and me. Conclusion I did not want to make an analysis of the contest yet but by viewing the result so far, it's not good at all. You still have 5 days to change my mind and hope you do. It's not just for me but for you and the others. Of course, I will make a full post about the result and offer tips to the others that want to make a contest. On that note, good luck to my 8 entries on winning the $500 contest. What about you? Do you want a chance too? It's not too late! ;) P.S. If you did not enter, please leave a comment on why here.
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[...] 5 Days Left To Win $500 [...]

Wow are you kidding? Only 8 entries? I tried to enter but I'm not sure if I'm eligible. I wonder why so little.

You are in. I got 1 more entry. ;)


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