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Yesterday, I broke all sorts of record for my blog. I left  real comments in many posts on a big Canadian blog. Those comments were related to the post subjects and I added links to previous posts that I had made.  I was actively participating to the discussion. All comments were about the HD format war(Blu-Ray and HD-DVD). My most popular post was the funny video about the Downfall of HD-DVD. Hey! Everyone like to laugh too. Marc even created a special post for the video by giving me the credit. But the previous post was feature on the main homepage of Sympatico and so got most of my traffic from that one. Show me some numbers! Yesterday, I had 2285 visitors with 2,036 from that blog alone. For me, that was wonderful but for some of you, a slow day. But remember how you felt when it happen for the first time. Many looked at other pages about the HD format war with and average 1.82 page views. Being a Canadian company, I also got a new AlertPay(PayPal alternative and backup) referral. But I can't link it to the jump in traffic. That person may have found it while browsing my blog. Of course, seeing how I Made $40 In A Few Minutes With AlertPay does make people interested. I broke for the first time the 50 RSS feed for a day. I got 54 RSS readers this morning.  It's about 10-15 more than usual. Of course, number do vary a lot. Adsense I earned about 25 times what I get on an average day with Adsense with 2.59% CTR. It was enough that I could had bought a Blu-Ray movie. People did find the ad(300x250) interesting enough to click on it that day. It started to be a high paying day but it decreased by around 50% by the end of the day. Too bad, I did not know in which post they were clicking on. Was it in the second page or in the post with the funny video? Traffic I can say the quality for clicking was better than an Digg or StumbleUpon. Those 2 are great but they don't pay as much. I'm still glad they come to my blog. Money is the added bonus. :D I had about 15 zooms  from BloggingZoom readers already for the funny video and figured I could get a  few more. But it was hacked yesterday thus new visitors were not introduced to the BloggingZoom plugin. That's really the bigger shame. Bad hacker! Baaaad Hacker! What I should had done Because, it was about HD format war thus movies, I should had added the HD rental) offer early in the morning. The free 2 weeks trial could had been useful for those where HD movies rental are too far from home or have a low selection. Plus, it's free to try! I also should had added the Email This Post plugin but could not remember the name Vic used. He's blog was also hacked. He is the co-founder of BloggingZoom but be warned, the languageon his blog is not appropriate for all but great content. It was too late anyway.  The funny video was hilarious that people might wanted to shared it with family and friends. Now, Email This Post plugin  is available. Conclusion  It was fun and still get some residual traffic and yes, a few clicks but not like yesterday. :D If you don't know BloggingZoom yet, go check it out!
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Adsense, High Traffic, Funny Video, BloggingZoom And Lessons | McGrath Dot Ca...

Congratulations on the traffic. It sounds like your hard work is starting to pay off. Keep it up!


bloggingzoom is nothing but a bunch of cheating bloggers voting a countless number of times on their own blogs!



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