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One of my biggest new money maker of last week was Income 4 Dummies now rebranded to Income 4 Beginners. I think the change of names was because it was too close to a little known book series. ;) Another major change was going from PayPal to AlertPay(also new to me). Since that move yesterday, I did not have any order. I can understand it because it's our money after all. So, I decided to do some basic research about them but the ebook author believed he can make more money with them. About AlertPay It's a Canadian company based in Montreal created in 2004. It's in my own backyard. Ok , it's a 200KM+ big backward. ;) . They support more countries(long list) than PayPal and it has lower rates compared to PayPal. On the long run, both items will make more money for you and me. This is from the author:
Firstly, the payment processor being used is no longer PayPal. I have switched the system over to use AlertPay. This is a great solution because it means that this opportunity is now available in many more countries. It is also a much more ethical and reliable processor than PayPal, (who have a tendency to just close your account and hold your money without warning and for no reason).
After that, I opened an account(PREMIUM ACCOUNT for business) with them just for the ebook, for now. When you create and account, you will need to give 2 passwords: one to login and one for making a transaction. They can't be the same. This could be a drag but it's also a second security feature too. Another feature is the possibility to have multiple email for each site. This way, you could filter where payments came from. Conclusion During my research this morning, I found old reports of troubles but with bad merchants more than anything. The other troubles were the same found with other payment processors. Some of those troubles don't seemed to apply anymore when looking at the information on the website. I guest they listened to the customers since then. :D Having a second alternative could be a good thing too in case your PayPal account get frozen. Ask Ades! So, open your free AlertPay account(again, take the PREMIUM ACCOUNT if it's for the ebook) Note: I did not want to make it a full review but it's more a mini-review for you and me to learn more about them. Anyone used AlertPay before? Update: PayPal is available again with Income4Beginners. Both options are now available. Seeing this, I would still say to open an AlertPay account just in case(Backup).
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Great system .I already use in my ebay auctions.I am from Portugal and paypal limite my account for 2 times without a valid reason .No problem, but the time i was without payment system was very dificult.In this moment i am making discounts for the people who makes the payments with alertpay .We need alternative to have better services :).

paypal hove not included pakistan, while alert pay does it. so i am using it.

Alertapay havent arrived to Greece yet :( When we should be expect this to happen?

Vagar: I checked and AlertPay is available. I tried to signup and "Greece" was in the country's choice. Do you get a message when you click on "Register"?


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