Analyzing Blogging Zoom Traffic

I have 3 cases involving Blogging Zoom traffic. Case 1 On Sunday, November 18, my post John Chow is Losing $ 2082.49 was rezoomed again. The first time, it was zoomed 4 times. After the day was over, it was zoomed 5 more times(9 times in all) and sent me 31 new visitors. The funny thing is that post was written on November 7. In total, I got 41 visitors from Blogging Zoom so far. Case 2 My second best post was Blogging Zoom: Did It Do The Job? and send me 12 visitors but was StumbleUpon thus sending 58 visitors. That post was zoomed 10 times. Case 3 Because BZ is blog related, my post Analyzing The “John Cow Effect” After A Review should had send me more visitors than any of them. But it did not. I got 4 visitors and zoomed 3 times. I made a small thread about it on Digital Point in the General Marketing forum. I got 26 visitors from it. Conclusion Based on this numbers, Blogging Zoom is doing a fine job by sending direct and indirect visitors to my small blog. But don't overlook other means :D
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I've noticed similar results with BloggingZoom. The posts that I expect to get maybe one or two hits usually receive 30+, but my better posts (in my opinion) often get less than 10.

Yes, it a small community of true believers :D Some big names are still missing to give it the little push to put it more on the spot light.

The fact that bloggingzoom is small right now is a nice thing. Since it is by bloggers for bloggers it is quite nice to have traffic and a decent amount when you look at the amount of time it has been around. It is still in an infant state and many changes will be made to improve lots of things about BZ. I think that people will be more satisfied with the numbers they see of people not only visiting their blogs but clicking on their ads in the future. Which I mean hey, who doesnt like to get an ad clicked on. An imoprtant factor in getting the right traffic though is zooming other peoples posts that still know nothing about Bloggingzoom. By the way, great post and you just got zoomed!


What is throof? I tried .com and Google but did not found a site.

Thats the thing about the internet its timeless and unpredictable. I have yet to try out bloging zoom but intend to very soon. I have been using throof, they have a very interesting approach to how your posts are displayed and i have got a reasonable amount of traffic from them.

Much like having multiple income sources BZ is one of my traffic sources and a nice one, it is my belief that it will only get better, I am starting to believe however the the Zoom button creates a conundrum, its far easier to cast your vote and validation for an individual article than to write a substantive comment. But I could be wrong, so lets try this, if I'm wrong tell me so on this post , or I suppose you could just zoom the article.................

Commenter's represent around 1% of visitors. Doing a Zoom would replace the "I agree comments". Sure, I would prefer both ;)


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