Analyzing The "John Cow Effect" After A Review

Recently, I ordered a review($200) from John Cow to offer my 1 Cool File affiliate program for my Blog Directory. Because it's in the make money niche, I taught it was a good match because many of his readers are bloggers too and looking for new ways to make money. Show me the numbers I'm using the Google Analytics for the first 48 hours. sent me 39 visitors and about another 17 from web based email client. I can't count direct visitors because it was in the daily average and so, no spike was observed. I expected more direct visitors because of the RSS Feed(700) and from people that would click on the link in their local client like Thunderbird. Based on the 2 numbers above, my cost per visitor is about $3.57. That is very disappointing for the first 48 hours considering the site. I already had a text link on the blog that was already sending me a 1-2 visitors a day. My cost should be lower a little during the next month if they see the review. My main goal was to sell blog packages and even offered a coupon to be listed for only $1.00. So far, I did not sold a single one. But, the coupons are good until the end of November and so, I have still some hope to recover some of the cost. I also offered 10 free Platinum Memberships(random draw) for those who bought any valid packages using the coupons from the review. Analyzing the review and comments I liked the feedback from the review and I already started to make some modifications(less links in the front page) to make it more simple. I would had like more comments from readers and I did replied to some of them. Unfortunately, some taught it was a regular blog directory which it is not if you do direct paid reviews or are looking ahead(advertisement). Unlike many blog directories, I invested a few thousands already to create something unique. I should mentioned that I asked to give the affiliate program more focus in the review. Changing the Affiliate Program Part of the review made me reconsider some of the aspects of the affiliate program. So, I quickly lowered the minimum payout from $100 to $50. At one time, I had much more levels(bronze, silver and gold) but I decided not to use them and only keep the Platinum membership which is optional. I'm fair and I gave added value to each levels based on the price they paid to get in. I know that the Platinum Membership is not for everyone. If a blogger expect to earn a lot from the start, it's a better deal for them. Conclusion This was my first real test about my affiliate program from a known blogger. This was the type of review that was really constructive. It made me review my whole affiliate program and some aspect of the site thus making it even better. I won't say it was priceless because I did pay $200. ;). Unfortunately, the direct return on the investment was not there at all to reduce the overall cost of the review. I was expecting more visitors or at least, sell many 1 year package for $1.00 with the coupon. So, my question is: Of all the bloggers on, not a single one think that their blog is worth $1.00? That is very sad and I wonder if it's worth advertising on there unless your goal is just to get some traffic or buzz. But that is your choices. P.S. removed the TLA plugin a yesterday and replaced it with another plugin to manage the text links. Doing so, it removed my text link that I was paying $20/month. I was the first one to buy advertisement with TLA. But now, the new rate is $30/month or $60/3 months. Even if you consider the cost of the new plugin, the price is to high for me considering the zero return I got. Sorry Mr. Cow, no more cookies from me with your milk! :D
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Sorry to hear you didn't get more visitors. Unfortunately it seems that only the people we take bad about get more hits. The stupid cow award winner actually got over 100 hits to his site from one article. Next time we'll talk some crap about you ;)

Yes, please do that :D

It wasn't until the very end that I realized you were talking about John Cow and not John Chow...

Maybe because people don't see many reviews about the effect of the Cow. ;) I will bold it at the start for less confusion.

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