Are Bloggers Lazy Or Just Lacking SEO Vision?

During the last month or so, I tested a new rule on The Contest Winner and yesterday, BloggingZoom asked if they should change something on their site.The timing is good for this post. :D The Contest Winner 3 Weeks ago, I added a rule on The Contest Winner that bloggers that wanted to submit a blog contest would need to add their blog on 1 Cool File. Well, I got my first entry today. Previously, I had 2-3 entries per week. Bloggers don't realize a few things:
  • I take time to create the contest post. It would be the same for them to add their blog. And many times, I can't enter in the contest because it's for US resident only because of shipping. That, I understand that last part. So, it's a fair trade for them to add their blog
  • Contest are mostly for building backlinks and increase traffic thus adding their blog would also do that on a PR6 blog directory. Plus their RSS feed is shown
  • The links are dofollow on both sites
  • Adding a blog is free or paid(show more feeds)
BloggingZoom Now, Court and Vic are thinking of allowing bloggers to cut and paste from the original post instead of creating a new 350 characters description. Now, if the blogger write a new description, then it would be better for SEO(search engine optimization) . My personal opinion is to let the blogger do what they want. Yes, I'm lazy and sometimes I don't want to write a post again. If they offer me the choice, my description might not be cut and paste but it would be shorter than the 350 characters. That would depend on how I feel about the post. But if I take the time, I would benefit on the long run. Being French speaking first, it does take me more time to write in English. Some native English bloggers will take 1 or 2 minutes to write it(Lucky you! ;) ). Not enforcing the rule would also mean more bloggers will join that may care more about burst traffic. In time, they may understand the SEO benefit. I have an example on BloggingZoom how a new description benefited me. Conclusion Of course, not everybody understand SEO and writing a post like this may show them that traffic come in all sort of ways(burst or search engine). If it's too much "work" for bloggers, then why are they doing contest, joining BloggingZoom or even blogging in the first place? I prefer to think that they are lacking SEO vision. But are you feeling lazy sometimes? :D
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Are Bloggers Lazy Or Just Lacking SEO Vision? | McGrath Dot Ca...

Most of them are lazy. Some just don't care.

Those that are lazy most of all are the "money making bloggers ". They think the blog will make money just by creating it. They read but don't act on it.

Yeah, "That's just the way it is..."

I'm saying that because I targeted advertisement to bloggers in that field and did not have success adding them to my blog directory. They should be the first to recognize the value in that. That's funny when other fields add their blogs before them and I did not target them yet ;)

In my case, it's more of SEO ignorance. I'm trying to learn but with a full time job, family plus a baby on the way, and school, I don't have a tremendous amount of time to study it.

That's a lot on your plate but it's shows that you like blogging with all that. By reading Court and Vic blog's, you will learned a lot like I did in a short term.

With all the SEO reading I've been doing over recent months, I should have known better, but somehow missed those points.

"No pain no gain"

[...] Are Bloggers Lazy Or Just Lacking SEO Vision? from [...]

[...] Are Bloggers Lazy Or Just Lacking SEO Vision? from [...]


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