Askimet Solution: Banned, Unbanned, Blacklisted, Blacklist, Spam, Flagged ...

Recently, my contest blog was flagged as spam by someone in Askimet. This gave me the problem that I could no longer leave comments on other blogs. So, my blog was blacklisted, blacklist, banned and flagged... as spam. :( First, I tried to leave myself comments and flagged them as not being spam. This did not work.

The Solution

So, I contacted Askimet. You should note that they asked for a math question to prevent bots. They don't use their own system to be contacted. That's normal since you email is blacklisted thus you could not leave a message anyway. Choose the following option: I have a support or feature request Tell them about your blog and that you are even using Askimet on your WP blogs. The morning after, I got an email from Mark that it will be fix. Sure enough, I had to leave a comment a few hours later and it worked. Depending on their backlog, it could take a few days thus be patient.
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Because you are using a keyword sniping theme on your blog and anchor text too. It's not a real blog in Askimet eyes but a niche blog.

You will find this in the askimet spam bin because someone has flagged this blog: nothing I can do will get it unspammed - Ive contacted them several times and got nothing back and had friends unspam me too - no improvment!

The question is not about preventing real posting but preventing spammers from posting. You would be amazed how much spam I get in one day on my small blog.

I don't see the sense in preventing someone from posting on every blog, why don't they just ban the person on the blog who filed the report? I feel it gives way too much power to the blog owner.


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