Auto Traffic Avalanche Scam And A Big Lie!

Yes! Auto Traffic Avalanche scam and a big lie. It is the second product launch where the claims of limited copies make's Auto Traffic Avalanche like a special limited offer. As soon I saw the "limited copies", I did not fall for it. I waited for others to review it(not fake one's).

To make matters worst, it's using an unethical script that would violate the TOS of Plenty Of Fish/Facebook thus causing the page owner to be possible banned from Facebook. That's according to buyer's who did buy the product but demanded a refund after that.

The salespage also mentioned it will take 13 clicks but it's even more work than that. Add the fact that you will pay for FB advertising.  Plus, they also offer too many upsells(5) and are doing a contest for the affiliates. Why? there are only 234 "copies" available.

Btw, it's the same guy in the Tweetomatic Profiteer product video from the IM that I warned you about a few post before.  I was sure I had seen it somewhere.

To be fair, a few rare one's did like a few parts of the Auto Traffic Avalanche and even them found that it was a short term to make money until Facebook banned them. For some, it's okay to take a risk but those of us for the long run, we will stay away.

It's another buyer beware but I hate those misleading tactics(limited copies) by big Internet Marketers. I know,  I only reviewed the salepage myself and let others review it. It's up to you to decide if  Auto Traffic Avalanche is a short term solution for you. Good luck anyway if you. do.
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Yes, I purchased the program and did not even finish looking at it and have requested my refund. Everything they say is totally misleading. Also, telling you to violate TOS of the big boys is crazy.

Thanks Chris for another review from a buyer. You are more courageous than me. ;) At least you can get a refund. :D

I got an email about this program & agonized over it for a whole day before finally buying into it. Have not even downloaded it yet, but was very disturbed at the immediate request for more money to make the program work. Especially the $45.00/month extra. I am 82 y/o & have had my work hours cut down to 17 hrs.week and was desperately searching for a way to make enough extra to cover my rent. The $39.00 I paid for the program was a lot for me and I really feel cheated.

Helen, get a refund if you feel cheated since it won't be a problem to get one.

thanks for everyones comment on auto traffic avalanch im glad i didnt buy


It is simple as 1-2-3 (IMHO). If somebody promises you a lot money for 13 clicks per day - just ignore it.

I agree. What everyone really needs to understand is that if someone found a secret loophole that wasn't going to jeopardize the users, they wouldn't share it with anyone. I wouldn't tell you a secret that I figured out which made me over $18,000 extra per month. I would keep that close to my chest and not tell a soul. I would set up 100 accounts that produced that kind of income and sit back and enjoy life. You definitely won't catch a true marketer sharing a secret like that....especially for $39.

I bought Ata and was not impressed at all. 13 Clicks and you have it...I think not. I made atleast 13 pages of notes and still could not get it. Also it is Pay Per Click Scam and you pay big if you don't pick that perfect thing to market. Also the associate e-mails of other guys selling other products to do better at ATA is a Scam as well. They all look like they are producing this from the basements of their homes/Apts and then telling you how successful you can be?!!! Kind of makes you wonder why they are in their basements on a cheap video camera set it up by themselves!!


Another kind of "Too Good To Be True", right..

The guy name Mike Wright, he also appear on another click bank Forex software product under name Mike Parsons. Another crap forex software!!!!!!!!


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