AutoBlogSystemX Scam And A Big Lie!

Yes, AutoBlogSystemX scam and a big lie and most Internet Marketers are promoting this with no minimum of personal ethics. But how can I say that since I did not buy it?

Before I start, I'm not reviewing the product but the ethics behind it. Of course, AutoBlogSystemX will tell big possible monthly numbers to attract buyers with yet another magic bullet formula. That's a given in Internet Marketing since that's what attracts those that don't know better. I'm not saying it's not possible either.

The AutoBlogSystemX Scam

Here is what irritated me the most when I had a chance to promote it. I was myself  about to buy it to review/promote it when on the affiliate blog, Rob Benwell(blogging to the bank) mentioned big names Internet Marketers were about to promote it too. But why would they waste their time when only 250 copies were supposed to be available? They would be lucky to sell 5 each.

Also, Rob Benwell was doing a competition for $24,000 for the affiliates. If you multiply 250 x $37(no commission), you get $9,250. You will say that it make no sense but you forgot the upsells that will bring the real money for them and compensate for the affiliate payout/contest.

So far, it's not my main irritation. By mentioning  only 250 copies, it makes the products sound exclusive and an urgency not to wait to buy it for the potential buyers. That's where it's a scam and big lie!

Yes, on the affiliate blog on August 10, Rob Benwell mentioned that 3,000 units were already sold. On the salespages, they mentioned that 120,000 will be invited but only 0.2% will be able to access it.  On August 11, they even mentioned that they are  "on track to hit 20,000 units." That's the big lie/scam since only 250 copies were supposed to get sold.

Some will say: That's marketing!

I'm not stupid but why just says it's a limited time offer and can be pulled anytime. This would had work and might offer a more ethical way to sell that product.

Poor Service

Also, Rob Benwell has another bigger problem now: Poor service for past products he sold. I did buy Rob Benwell(blogging to the bank product) a few years back and got great service then. But not anymore.

You see, I bought another product(Premium Blog) that he launched in July and I never got it. Since I like to give a chance to the runner, I even did preview for my readers in case some of them wanted to take the risk like me(thankfully no one did). I was upfront too that I did not got it. Here is how it went:

On July 18, I bought the Premium Blog and the salespage mentioned a 48hours delivery.

On July 21, I email about it but never got a

On July 26, I opened a ticket about it on their site. They answered claiming
technical troubles with the servers and gave me this email to inquire about it. I got BTTB 2010 to read for my trouble.

On July 28, I emailed them about my Premium Blog since I wanted to gave them time  to deal with the server.

On August 9, since I never got any response, I email them again giving them
24hours deadline or I would ask for a refund. I gave them 48hours.

On August 11, I asked and got a refund(August 12) from ClickBank.

Seeing this, how can his team be able to handle AutoBlogSystemX upsells when they can't even offer proper support for the Premium Blog offer made just a few weeks earlier?


I decided to not buy any product from Rob Benwell(blogging to the bank) from now on because of the above things. Of course, no one can say never but something has to change in his business service and ethics.

P.S. Links to other products if you don't mind about the bad support or ethics(my aff links) but still want to buy them. Jen Su(thanks) wanted others products to stay clear off so here are the products:
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Thanks Steve for sharing this information. I too bough blogging to the bank from Rob Benwell when it first came out and thought it was alright. I may have bought his second not sure.

Don't worry since your IM friend will tell you if it happens. ;)

Thanks for sharing some honest info, been very helpful..

"After just four days we’ve now smashed through 10,000 sales and done over $500k in sales…"

Thanks for the review Steve. This has been very helpful. I forgot how I stumble upon it though. But yes, in Business, ethics is a very important factor. If they don't have it, I'll skip it.

I know I'm buried because affiliates knew in advanced so they created a lot of links to their sites.

I should have taken more notice of you guys. Cant make contact with them .went through a lot of searching to find R5 ltd to send my complaint . still no answer a week on. buyer beware!

How much did you lose Jim?

I was curious and because I have seen so much of Rob's promo's I decided to purchase it. That was over a month ago now and after leaving 4 messages and receiving in return over a dozen emails still promoting the blogging system I stil haven't gotten the product and no reply's to my concerns. I can't tell you about how effective the program is but check with me around Thanksgiving maybe I will have a opinion by then. Greed always looses out if this is the case.

Todd, I understand since it came from someone I knew. I was annoyed when I saw the same email offer after I ordered mine.


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