BANS Result For May

I'm not the kind of blogger that will post my results every month. But today, in one comment on my blog, Blah blah wanted Vic to prove his results using BANS with the method he is teaching. It's up to Vic to decide if he want to prove it or not. So, I will post my own results. Last month with BANS: Impressions is always zero on EPN. I also did not want to show Clicks or EPC. I presumed they don't like that like Adsense. Note: When a search engine crawled a site, I noticed about 44 more clicks on those days. The network was done with pre-owned and .info domains. The money was mostly earned from pre-owned. I have less than 35 BANS at this time. Yes, the .info did made me some money in May but my pre-owned ruled the month! I should also mentioned that some pre-owned did not do well. I think I did not target well current visitors at this time. Maybe when my anchor links kicks in, that will be resolved. If not, I can always change strategy on those. Was I lucky? Will my .info make up for lost time? I don't know. Vic has a larger BANS network so he will be making more than me. Something is sure. I will not tell you what are my sites or keywords I'm targeting. :D If you have read this post until now, I want you to look at the filename of the image file. It took me 5 minutes to do and it was easy even for me. I could had took a lower number to make it more plausible. Sure, I could had use a real filename to make it legit or waited for someone to notice that filename.  But all I wrote is true except for the amount. Just removed the first 2 digits. I know, it's a not that much for some but I'm just starting and not 100% into that. Could a video gave a better proof? Can you simulate the "https" of EPN and using a fake page?  My point is that anyone can say or edit a picture like I just did or perhaps a video. That goes with the credibility of the person. So, if you already don't believe the person, you could still say that it's not true even if they publish an original picture. I'm sorry if I mislead some of you but I do believe the method has merit.
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The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" needs to be changed to "a picture is worth nothing". You've easily shown why we should never believe when some "expert" shows us their earnings.

The same is true when a person sell a blog. Unless you know/trust the person, are all the numbers true?

You must have read my post on Social Blogging Success in the Make Money Online niche, fake it until you make it!

Sorry Frank, I did not read that post. When I have a minute, I will read it.

haha! for a second my eyes nearly popped out!

Lol I should make a BANS about popping eyes. ;)


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