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This is the match of the century I tell you! Ok, ok maybe of the next few weeks :D In the corner: Google PageRank: 7 Alexa Rang: 112 470 Category: News & Updates about Web Technologies, Web Design and Making Money Online ... Name: Abdylas Tynyshov Started linkback: April 2, 2007 Requirement for linkback: Review a small software by Ades Visits from May 21 to May 27:  16 In the other corner: John Chow dot Com Google PageRank: 6 Alexa Rank: 2 728 Category: Making Money Online, Reviews Web Technologies... Name: John Chow Started linkback: December 22nd, 2006 Requirement for linkback: Review his blog Goal: Bring the most traffic to me in the first week after the batch post. Winner: Bragging rights Good luck to both!
Keywords: Blogging, Competition, Internet


I got 5 visits from adesblog in 3 days and I'm waiting to for my link in John's batch. I'm expecting a bit more traffic from there but not that much. The ones that really win from this are John and Ades, they both get hundreds of incoming links that will boost their PR and serp positions. I did my reviews more like an experiment just to see what kind of traffic I would get.

Maybe tech blogs are not that popular from Adesblog. I will see how my experiment does. I should be in the next Adesblog batch.

Did you get your link back yet ?

I got one for AdesBlog(week not over for result) and none from yet(posted review May 3). AdesBlog was much faster(same week has my post).

Unfortunately John isn't doing linkbacks anymore. Basically he is a money hungry ba*tard and wont do anything at all unless he gets some money. I understand getting rich and making money, but don't soley put your life on it.

I know because John never got me that backlink. If you noticed, it's a very old post.


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