Blogging Zoom: Did It Do The Job?

It's been a little more than week since I started using Blogging Zoom. Now, it's time to show off some statistics. Show me the numbers This my current stats: Blogging Zoom User Stats Blogging Zoom sent me 39 visitors so far(Google Analytics). Depending on how much traffic you already get, it could be a drop in a bucket. But for me, that is good. My post John Chow is Losing $2082.49 only got Zoomed 2 times yet it sent me 7 visitors which is in first place with my A Real Review of Income 4 Beginners(Z5). My hottest was Recruiting Bloggers, Advertising And Better Affiliates Program which was Zoomed 7 times but sent me 5 visitors. But my biggest indirect performer so far was Activating Adsense in Feedburner which was Zoomed 6 times but it only sent me 2 visitors. I also wrote indirect because I think it was StumbleUpon because of it may have been found from Blogging Zoom. SU sent me 49 visitors. I can't prove it but I can't even remember if I was ever StumbleUpon before. Paid StumbleUpon advertising does not count. Recommendations So far, the 2 things(related) I don't like are:
  • Forcing the 350 characters for the long description
  • Not showing how many characters(350) was written
I understand perfectly(Vic, Court) the rational behind it but sometimes you may not care about being index on Google via Blogging Zoom. You may just want to be read by the other Blogging Zoom users. It could be a simple post and I don't want to "rewrite" it again for the description. And looking at my stats, It's hard to say that I saw a huge difference so far. But I do like the additional traffic. :D I would recommend that you add a check box that would disable the 350 characters minimum. Doing so, I think more people would submit post and yes, with a single line like in the beginning. You could add a small text on the impact of disabling the 350 characters. Just call it an extra that is strongly recommended. ;) Or least add the number of characters like in the summary. It may help if people see that they are close to the 350 mark. Conclusion I know, you don't want to be another Digg and it's okay because you are supporting small bloggers like me with Blogging Zoom. I would recommend Blogging Zoom to other bloggers. I also found 2 articles on the Universal Thread that could be interesting for Blogging Zoom and my fellow bloggers using it. Want search engine traffic? Pen a blog Why 350 characters is important for longer post Digg to sell for $300 million? Really? Are any shares of Blogging Zoom available? :D
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I agree on the word count script. That would help determine where you are in the character count.

[...] Blogging Zoom: Did It Do The Job? [...]

As far as I'm concerned it did the job just fine. I installed on 11/4 and as of checking my Google Analytics today (11/8) thus far BZ has sent 52 visitors. That averages 13 visitors a day and as BZ grows I expect my readership to grow as well.

The 350 character min. is one of the important differences between Blogging Zoom and other social bookmarks or social networks.

I know that and understand it. What I did proposed was an optional check box to bypass it.

Would someone please explain what the 350 word minimum does for SEO purposes?

It's not word but 350 characters or about 50 words.

I can understand the "best work" part and that's why it's not a problem to write the 350 characters. I'm talking about very short post that may give information

I think the 350chars is a great idea - yes its a pain but it encourages you only to submit your best work- which works for real readers as well as google! BTW I am surprised that you have got so much traffic but have obviously zoomed little except your own submissions

[...] | Blogging Zoom: Did It Do The Job? [...]

[...] | Blogging Zoom: Did It Do The Job? [...]

[...] second best post was Blogging Zoom: Did It Do The Job? and send me 12 visitors but was StumbleUpon thus sending 58 visitors. That post was zoomed 10 [...]

[...] | Blogging Zoom: Did It Do The Job? [...]


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