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I just zoomed this post about BloggingZoom : Does BloggingZoom bring traffic? In it, it gave some numbers and I liked the overall post. At the end, s10assessmyblog gave 7 tips. I was going to reply but found myself writing a post instead because of 2 tips:
  • 5- Whenever someone zooms you, visit their profile and read their discussions and zoom them, leave comments or visit their blogs.
  • 7- Before complaining that no one zooms you, think whether you have zoomed any one. It is a network of bloggers. If you give something, they will certainly return it
I do agree in part with those above but not all of it. What I propose You may agree, or not, with what I will propose now you. I don't think reciprocal zooming is the way to go. I would proposed to only zoomed those posts you like independently of the blogger that zoomed you previously. Zoom but not for the sake of zooming the other blogger but for the content first. I will use a worst case example if we start start to do reciprocal zooming. Example: I write a really, really crappy post and then I go zoomed 200 other bloggers. But because you had the bad habit of zooming the other blogger, my post will get in the front page but for no real reasons. My tips for zooming correctly This is what I do and you could do: Read first and Zoom what you like: Myself, I got zoomed but the total number of visitors was lower than the total zoom for some post. Overall, I got zoomed 177 times and got 196 direct visitors for BZ. Don't feel obligated by others to also zoom them: If you have the time, you may look them up if you want. Add the Zoom plugin: It's often missing in post. Placing the plugin will make others aware of BloggingZoom. Zoom at least one other when you add your own post: For now, the quality is there and it's easy to zoom at least one post. It could be something funny or serious that has nothing to do with your blog. Something Earl could say: Good Karma will follow you in time. Conclusion You are still free to do what you want and I'm only proposing a way of doing zooming. Of course, I'm far from perfect but that's what I do now. The main goal is to maintain some integrity to the system while it's still young by zooming what you really like. Anyway, you may eventually zoom the other blogger back weeks or months later for a post that you really like(the Karma part). You will notice that I did not mentioned how you should enter the information. Vic make a good post recently that I, did zoomed. Now, you can zoom this post if you like it ;) P.S. Win 1 of 13 Header or Footer Advertisement(1 Month) on 1 Cool File(End: FCBP or Dec, 14)
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"I don’t see anything wrong with asking your friends to look at your articles"

I don't see anything wrong with asking your friends to look at your articles. If they don't like it, they don't have to zoom it. I have read quite a few that I arrived at from BZ, but I didn't think they deserved my vote, so I didn't zoom them.

Steve same here. Because some times it takes me a while to go read a persons blog sometimes I read four straight articles they already had submitted to BZ then I go and vote all at once so if you look at your stats you will see only one hit but four Zooms.

I'm sure that many do read post first like those who replied here. At least, we know why the numbers may be lower in some cases and it does give more explications to BZ newbies!

I don't mind linking to post that I like. ;)

Thanks for linking to my post and adding to the discussion I have started.

Don't be fooled by the number of hits coming from BZ vs. the number of zooms. I've zoomed articles without clicking through from BZ simply because I had already read them via RSS subscription.

I only took the easiest number I could get. In my previous posts about BZ, I had already mentioned indirect visitors like StumbleUpon. RSS is another one and like you mentioned, you read them first.

I've never Zoomed a post I haven't read. While it's nice to get reciprocal Zooms, I agree that any gaming of the system will only rush BloggingZoom to obsolescence (which is not cool). If the quality is there, people will Zoom :)

Manik: You are welcome to the discussion like everyone else :D

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