BlogRush or BlogDud?

Since BlogRush started, it had many troubles(cheating, non blogs...). Some bloggers were not satisfied with the performance and decided to remove the widget soon after. BlogRush was victim of it's own popularity. They are now in phase 2 and they removed 10 000 blogs and will add new features. Again, it did not go well because some blogs were removed like John Cow but that was fixed. Reading the comments there, I noticed that some people don't have much patience. My small blog only got 4 visits from it yet I still kept it there. I even got more visits from 1 Cool File or during the same time. Maybe with age, I get more patience. ;) I'm now considering the previous month mostly like a real world test drive. I'm willing to give it a chance but I will reconsider it in 1 month. Hopefully, the clean up will help. Will you give it a second chance?
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do you have any idea why my blog was removed?

No, I don't

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