Bratz May Rise In Value Since Mattel Won Court Ruling

I'm only showing this news to show how it could impact your online business.

Yes, Bratz(Barbie alternative) may rise in value since Mattel won it's court ruling. Of course, the ruling is on the US side but it could be done in other countries.  This does give ammunition to Mattel to fight world wide.

MGA Entertainment  lost big with this ruling but will be appealing to keep the Bratz line alive. If MGA Entertainment have to stop producing Bratz Dolls for example, those who are collectors might start buying all Bratz products thus increasing the price.

Even if MGA Entertainment and Mattel can eventually agree to a deal, I would expect that original packaged  or used Bratz products would be collector's items.

Those of you who have sites about Bratz products should follow the story more closely.


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I knew of the 2007 movie with humans but never knew it had other movies using the other kind of Bratz. Of course, my nieces are older thus bypass that trend.

Bratz Movie

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My concern about Bratz and eBay is if Mattel decides to force eBay to remove listings for dolls that violate the copyright ruling. They can do this per eBay's VERO (Verified Rights Owner) program. Other companies, such as Rickenbacker guitars, use this to shut out not only direct clones of their products but some that have just superficial resemblance.

Frank, that would be the worst case scenario for MGA and sellers.


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