Buy Pre-owned .COM For BANS (Coupon)

I will show you where I buy pre-owned .com for BANS. Looking at my recent stats, I had more traffic coming to my pre-owned domains that my .info on my BANS since the start of June. I have to wait for Google to count links on my .info. Also, I did not worked on link building on those pre-owned either for some time now(mid-May). When I want to buy pre-owned .com for BANS, I'm using Freshdrop. They are a Godaddy affiliate so use them since it' the same price as Tdnam(Godaddy aftermarket). The Closeout are still the same price and it's a good service for us because they show a lot of information about each domain that Tdnam does not. Here is part of the message from Godaddy in a recent email:
.COM is the perfect domain for all this and so much more. ACT NOW and you can register or renew as many .COM domains as you want for $6.99 that's 30% OFF* our regular price of $9.99/yr! ... This special 30% OFF* sale expires June 30, 2008
On that note, here is the deal: use this coupon code(gdp0611t) to buy your pre-owned domains. I hope it work for you too. I thought it was for only new .com but I tried it today on a pre-owned just in case it worked. My other "general coupon" was for last weekend only. So, when you buy a Closeout domain, it's: $5 (Closeout) $9.99 (Renew) $0.20 (ICANN) ----- $15.19 With the coupon, you save $3.00 and It will come to $12.19 instead. Since .info are in the "doghouse" for now with Google, buying a pre-owned .com for BANS is a good time. Yes, it's a bit more versus buying a new .com(10.19) or a $0.99 .info which both could go in the sandbox or not. I try to get domains older than 2 years and some backlinks if possible. Some traffic is good too. For the first 9 days of the month of June, I had many clicks(bots included) with a few bids. Those bids are giving me a decent winning conversion(33% to 66% depending on the domain). However, I did not make a dollar a day per site so far but you must look at the bigger picture. Just be patient like I am. Then again, I did not promote the hell of them either by getting anchor links. Once you buy one, it may take days to belong to you. In Tdnam, look at the Won section(right side) and you will see the domain name, the Date Won and the Yours on. Yesterday, I bought one and the bid was ending sometime today. It's getting transfered to me on June 14 only. I bought one on June 8 but that one will be mine on June 15. So, it's not automatic and those take a few days. Btw, Vic made a video about buying pre-owned using Freshdrop. The audio is low on that one. Anyway, I recommend that you buy pre-owned .com for BANS on Freshdrop. :D Warning: Freshdrop is very addictive and you may spend a lot of time there. ;) Happy hunting! :D
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Yes, the key is IF you can afford it that is why I'm making THE investment. Plus, if you can't make $12-15 in the next year from the BANS site, there is something wrong with it.

It came in my email so not much finding except that it worked with pre-owned.

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