CanadaCare Did Not Killed Natasha Richardson

Yes, I will say it again: CanadaCare did not killed Natasha Richardson.

Maybe because I'm an Internet Marketer, but when I see something like the contrary on US sites/newspapers, I always wonder the reason behind of such statement.

Of course, it's sad that Natasha Richardson died but she made 2 mistakes on her own.

First, Natasha Richardson did not have an helmet. It was her first mistake and she is not alone to do so.

Second, she refused to be treated. Again, it's not because of our CanadaCare. She did what people would do in her case.

What are the ulterior motives of "prosecuting" CanadaCare?

I'm the first to say that our system is not perfect.

But, part of me wonder the reasons of "prosecuting" CanadaCare. We know that US doctors earn a lot more money than their Canadian counter part. So, I have 3 questions that come to mind:

Would it be that the Obama plan to "reform" the US health system scare doctors and insurance companies?

Are those news media more on the right than left of the political spectrum?

Do they want to sell more by making cheap news?

I don't know the answers to those questions but people should question if someone will profit from that directly or indirectly.

I could say that the US health system kills 1000s each year too. I don't have any hard facts but how many can't afford health insurance.  And for those that are lucky to have heal insurance, how many died because their insurance company refused to pay for treatment?


In the end, CanadaCare did not killed Natasha Richardson.

The idea US health system would be a mix of the 2 systems where doctors and insurance companies earn a reasonable profit but also where everyone are treated independently if they have insurance or not.

At least, I like the CanadaCare word. Is USACare next? ;)
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Emergency care, such as in her case, is about the same in both countries. If you're injured in an accident and go to the hospital in the US you'll get treatment, insurance or no insurance. That's the law here. Where I think nationalized health care and privately insured health care break down are on chronic conditions, especially rarer ones where the cost of treatment is expensive.

Okay, they must help you by law but do they still send you the bill after?

On the billing, it depends on the paperwork filed during treatment. Truly poor people rarely see the bill if they follow the system and most know how to do this It's unfortunately middle class saps who run into medical problems when they're uninsured between jobs that really get stung by this.

Interesting post - BTW I never heard of the requirement to wear a helmet skiing -only kids and extreme off piste skiers do that in New Zealand - I've never worn nor seen adult wear them on the beginners slopes.



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