Court, Vic, Griz, X Are Full Of ...

I did not wrote the word but you can imagine what it is. After reading those 4 blogs for a while, I can no longer stay silent. So, I have to get this off my chest. This is no longer tolerable to me. I will take each blogger and tell you why they are full of ... you know the word. Court Let's start by Mister SEO(search engine optimization). He has the audacity to modify 90 Wordpress themes and make them SEO friendly. He has the bad habit of being always polite and ready to reply in his comments. What a ... ! Anyway, Court's latest coup was to make a guest post explaining H1, H2, keyword authority.... Who does Court think he his making a guest blog that is actually useful? It's even worst on his own blog. I bet he will open Court’s Internet Marketing School next! Vic Vic, Vic, Vic .. Where can I start? Mister Get links. Vic is the opposite of Court but still his accomplice by creating that abomination that is Blogging Zoom. Telling us to keyword stuff our description for SEO, using tools to make it faster and telling us not to watch television. About that, sure, I watch less television because of him but I waist my time to watch this new video blogger for 5-30 minutes each time. How can I get backlinks when I'm force to watch his video? Like Court, Vic replies to reader with another Comment Reactions video!!! The warst, worst, worste thing, he makes maure more typos than mi, me .... And his langage is very colorful that he could be a color coordinator. Vic is a real Blogger Unleashed. Griz Griz is a fellow Canadian but new to me thus less to say. I will call him Mister Blogger. He has the bad habit of making money by using free Blogger blogs. When Griz do a post, it goes on and on full of tips. Like I said he is new to me but I can't bear him any longer. But what about X? X He is the worst offender and I sadly know him. He use what he learned from those 3 bloggers above. He even created sites like 1 Cool File(blog directory/marketplace) and TrustURL(short URL service to hide affiliates id too). Not only that, he helped 7000+ people remove Virus Heat from their infected computers for free, has a funny sense of humor and second handily won the HD Format war for Blu-Ray by posting this in Canada. Often being just under Toshiba in Google depending on certain keywords. Plus, X is an AlertPay fan by supporting that PayPal alternative. I did not know he wrote a free ebook until recently. Yes, they are full of information. I hope that's the word you were thinking about. ;) All of them make money online using Adsense and affiliates and each has his own style/methods. My lessons is: Read, Learn and Act! If you leave a comment elsewhere like on BZ, don't write " It's funny" for comment but "You are right, a must read!" . I want people to come, read it, laugh and discover 3 bloggers that is a must and me, of course. ;) Now you can leave a comment here
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That was one of mygoal with some humor. Glad I go you a little.


I knew this post was going to be written this way from the title. It is good , very good as are these gentlemen, good Job Steve!


"LMAO" - That's the reaction I was looking for. I wondered who would had been the first to comment. ;)

LMAO what else can I say. Steve thank you so much for letting us know that in our different and sometimes crazy ways we actually help you great folks.

Court, Vic, Griz, X Are Full Of … | McGrath Dot Ca...

LMAO, haha and here I was ready to defend my 3 shinning knights in armor. What great link bait this post is! Awesome!

LOL. Same sentiments as Monika; I came here expecting to be put on the defensive but find myself discovering a wonderful new blog by a fellow Canadian. Well done.

Great! it work on Monika and John84 :D

I love it that the folks have played it at BZ LMAO

Me too.

Holy Crap!


[...] bloggers, including me, into reading something different from what is assumed by proclaiming that Court, Vic, Griz, X Are Full Of … I have to agree with his assessment. [...]


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