Deindexed BANS, phpBay... StoreStacker when?

In the last month, StoreStacker was reviewed by 3 known blogs(Chow, Zac and lastly Gyutae) in the MMO(make money online) field. I don't have a problem with that. But they only mentioned part of story.

Deindexed BANS, phpBay... StoreStacker next?

Those of us that used other scripts like BANS, phpBay... have noticed that Google will eventually deindexed many of them. They all got hit eventually.  StoreStacker will be the next one and it's just a matter of time.

If you read the StoreStacker main page, it will deliver relevant articles. But this is will be duplicate content and Big G will see it as a footprint to track your site.

How to avoid getting deindexed?

Don't get me wrong, I do like the idea of having a site that auto generate like StoreStacker. But like BANS, phpBay, you will need to add original content to make the Big G happy. That's where most get into troubles and yes,  including me. I, however, do take full responsibility for my deindexed sites.

If you just install the script in it's basic form, you will look like all the others that did the same. Big G will detect that and not pass visual inspection.

Too many choices

One of the common mistake webmaster do with niche stores, it's to give to many choices to visitors. The same principals for BANS will apply to StoreStacker.  I already posted about this.

You want to get paid but when?

If you have just a few sites, you will need to drive a lot of targeted traffic to them if you use more than one affiliate per store. You see, if 3 buyers buy from affiliate A, B and C, your chance of meeting the minimum payout will be divided by 3. You will have to wait much longer to get paid. Since StoreStacker support more affiliates than BANS, I suggest to use one affiliate per site.

If you have a large network of sites, this won't be a real issue most don't have that luxury.


You may or may not agree with me but those should be taken into consideration when you build a StoreStacker to avoid being deindexed and get paid faster.

At this time, I did not own StoreStacker because I'm too busy with AuctionSiteWriter. ;)
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Hey Steve,

Hi Gyutae,

I don't think this will happen as fast as you think. It will never happen for me in any regards. I, build my stores as pages in wordpress blogs. Google loves wordpress blogs and having my store stacker stores as a page in my site just ads that much more to the site.

I did say "when?" It could be in 2 months, 6 months or never if most make their sites unique because they spread the word about this post. ;)

Ya true enough. Guys like Vic from blogger unleashed were teaching people how to build them in the masses with dot biz or info names and how to spam them to get them indexed. I hope he doesn't start using store stacker.

I must clarify: Vic was really teaching people(mostly broke following wrong advice) to make money using BANS. It was also easy for most to use, understand keyword selections(3 per bans) ... SEO in general. He could had said nothing too.

Well maybe it was the way he approached what he was doing that rubbed me the wrong way. Most of us are broke when we start out and I have always tried myself to build quality affiliate websites.

I tried to have quality BANS but I was busy programming AuctionSiteWriter thus did not update them like I should had. That's why I mentioned it was my fault.

I had a phpbay wordpress blog and I got deindexed by Google! My keywords ranked on the first page then one afternoon I saw my traffic plummet and found out my indexed pages dropped to zero. So I don't know what's safe to build these days.

That's what I'm expecting since it's scrapping software at the core.


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