Does Sex Sell? My Adult Blog Experiment

Warning: if you don't like this subject, please don't read further. Thank you In June 2007, I decided to start an adult blog. I wanted to experiment with what I could do by thinking out of the box. For my experiment, I concentrated mostly on funny adult toons. This "niche" is much smaller that your traditional adult blog and it does not pay. Besides, I like to laugh. :D You have many types of adult toons(manga, known cartoons character's...) so I'm just a small niche into another much bigger niche. Traffic ideals Being an adult blog, you are limited in your choices. Most major blog services don't allow them but StumbleUpon will. So, I had to used other ways. I started with adult blog directories. I found that they worked very well at first but you need to add a reciprocal link to them most of the time. I still get a little traffic from them but I must be much lower in the list in my category by now. I recently started to use LinkEx. It's a free link exchange manager and I made a folder for it. If another webmaster want to exchange a link, they just need to enter the information in the application on the blog. I added some code on my blog sidebar to show the links. My blog is a PR4 and it's the minimum I'm asking. So, some webmaster will add a link to their lower PR blog but link back to you with a PR4 or PR5. I still need to reject links because of the nature of some sites. I added a description to mentioned the type I allowed to cut back on those. Plus, it will automatically check if the links are present or not. Since, I started, I found the traffic did increased. This application could be used with a normal blog but it may need more times to manage links. I also used "Plugs"(free and paid). A plug is a thumbnail that send the visitors to your post or site. I used a paid Plug(3x$10) and it sent me 5299 visitors so far. So, it's $0.005 per visitor. It's not an error and those are real visitors. I used part of my banner as a thumbnail and sent them to my main page. It was not a good ideal. For the second plug, I used at thumbnail of the picture where they would had landed. It worked better. For the last plug, I used a video from a YouTube-like site but for adult video(amateur). I copied the video code and sent visitor to that post. I also used a free plug site but it was new so it did not sent a lot of visitors like the paid plugs. On average, a visitor did look at 2.25 pages. But those with a naughty sense of humor will looked at 10+ pages. :D Visitors from search engines looked at more pages: AOL was 1.25 page Google was 2.6 pages MSN was 3.32 pages Live was 3.48 pages Yahoo was 3. 69 pages Netscape at 5.00 pages. Posting scheduled At first, I started to post a new funny toon everyday. I scale back to 5 times a week starting on Wednesday. I also used timestamps and once tried it 30 days in advance. I also tried 2 weeks in advance. Now, I do 1 week in advance and post each day of the week. I takes me 1-2 hour a week. Once I find a picture, I give it a proper name, write the captions within the picture and tag it(work, no nudity, couple, outdoor...). The captions are often too small to be read. Adding the caption under the picture will also help bring SEO(Search engine optimization) traffic and help parental filters. Now, I do 5 adult toons and keep the weekends for TGP(Thumbnail Gallery Post) post. The money side Because of the type of blog I have thus the lower traffic, I did sold much so far. So, I recently started to use affiliate TGP in my post(weekend) and also used affiliates links(much longer) on the side bar. That is were the real money is. But you have so many adult affiliates and some don't have good reputation for paying. You must do your research first. Also, don't expect to be paid with PayPal because they don't allow that. I use payment by check for the most part but I will have a much higher minimum payment($100). So, far I did not meet one minimum. But on one of them, I got a referred member that has renewed the membership so I may get the $50 minimum soon. :D Of course, Adsense is forbidden. Even with my type of blog(funny angle), I could not use them because it was too adult. I used 2 adult ad providers. I got about $0.05/day in the last 30 days and some clicks with the other ad provider. I should mentioned that I used a plug during that time. I only sold 1 text link(1 month) so far and that was months ago. When I will have more traffic, I will be able to use that. Conclusion If you have read up to this point, you must be curious or very naughty . ;) Given this facts, does sex sell? Let me answer this way: if I would start a more general adult blog with pictures and videos, I would make more money. But, it's time I don't have for now. I will still continue to update my current blog. Here is my blog(not work safe). It will open is a new window. Note: But for those that really want to experiment by creating an adult blog, go ahead. Just start promoting your blog using the directory section on my blog and by using the above methods. In return, please use my webmaster affiliate links(sidebar of the blog). That's the only way I can make a little more money with that blog. ;) Edit: I added the link to my blog to make it easier thus removing the need to contact me from now on. I also activated the comments. No links to other adult sites please in the comment of your name. If you are not 18, your computer will not work anymore. ;) Edit 2: I added a banner.
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Does Sex Sell? My Adult Blog Experiment | McGrath Dot Ca...

Interesting experiment and nicely broken down in terms (I) understood.

Thanks. I did not want to be too technical ;)

True friends are those who really know you but love you anyway.

Spot on with this write-up, I actually assume this web site wants way more consideration. I’ll probably be again to read way more, thanks for that info.


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