FeedBurner Tip: Get Free Backlinks Using Your RSS Feed

Yesterday, John Cow introduced me to Feedbite(see my custom feed). With this free service, I can show all my latest posts. It will use your post titles so you can't anchor them. But the cool thing is that they are dofollow links. So, I registered and created a "bundle" of 2 RSS feeds. I went to verify the links but they were  all pointing to FeedBurner. You know the long URL that say nothing about the content of the post. ;) How to fixed that:
  • Login into FeedBurner
  • Select the feed
  • Click on FeedBurner Stats (bottom)
  • Unchecked (you will get less stats)
  • and Save
The result After, I went back to Feedbite and it was now showing the real URL to my blog. I then looked at McGrath Dot Ca on 1 Cool File and it was showing the real URL of the 5 RSS feed. Conclusion To some, it's seemed evident but I noticed that many "known" bloggers are unaware of that. Besides, a link is a link. If used with 45 Sites To Submit Your RSS Feed, then you may get a few more free links. :D
Keywords: Blogging, Ranking


thanks for your comment on blog monetization. such a hot topic! was super interesting to hear your point of view. yeah Canada!

Thanks a lot for this post this is a very informational topic about how to get more links thanks

I have actually been testing RSS feeds and which ones google really likes....

That's great with your keyword!


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