First 3 Months BANS results (Coupon too)

It's been almost 3 months since I started to use BANS. If fact, I started on April 9 with my first pre-owned domain. Those are my real numbers. Stats for April Total BANS: 10 Total .info: 6 Total earned: $1.84 Total from .info: $0.06 Stats for May Total BANS: 10 (20) Total .info: 6 (12) Total earned: $98.12 Total from .info: $10.88 Stats for June Total BANS: 0 (26) Total .info: 0 (12) Total earned: $164.62 Total from .info: $3.97 Total earned since I started: $264.60 Things to take into consideration:
  • Google deindexed most BANS + .info in June and only recently started to reindex them. Hopefully, my anchor link will be counted also.
  • For most domains, I only did a Bookmarking Demon run. I created Squidoo pages for 2 domains only(pre-owned and .info). I did left a few comments but not many.
  • Part of May and all of June was used for AuctionSiteWriter. Most of July will be for it too.
Some will say that it's not very much money. True but it's entirely my own fault for not creating more links to them. But they are missing the bigger picture: I still earned more in June while doing nothing. That is passive income. I have a bunch of pre-owned and .info that I decided will be used with phpBay(Wp plugin and API). You might want to buy AuctionSiteWriter today(pre-launch price end's today) because I want to support phpBay(Wp plugin and API) and the later. I still have some things to work out first and I only bought it last Friday. You know now why I used Auction in AuctionSiteWriter. I will write a short post about phpBay. My recommendation is still to buy pre-owned domains from Freshdrop. I had a bigger return using the existing traffic. I got a 60% off coupon(gdp0649g) and if It's like the last one(30%), it should work on pre-owned too but I did not used it yet. It's only valid until July 16. I sure I will go there buy some pre-owned for later. ;)
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I just bought a pre owned domain with a live site still on it. It was UK£7.62 and with the coupon was £6.62.

15.10USD but cost you 13.12USD after converting. I would had expected much less. It's no where the 60% off. Maybe the price is different outside US/Canada.

I am downloading the site as we speak using software. It's taking a lot longer than I expected so am going to have to stop it now as I have to go out.

Thanks for I might check it out.


Yesterday, I had 2 clicks to one of my .info and got a sale yesterday. Now, it does not mean that it came from Google. Anyway, a fews buck is a few bucks. :D

Site Thief was junk. A1 Website Download is much better.

April, that's good to know.


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