First Canadian: I'm Running To Be The Next US President

I decided to throw my hat in the ring(watch video) and become the first Canadian running to be the next US President. Yes, I'm going against the US constitution but the US citizens do want me so who am I to refuse them? It's called democracy after all. The best part it won't cost me millions like Barack Obama or John McCain. Plus, I won't have to owe money to anyone(Big business) since it will be a grass roots support only(citizen). I won't be in anyone pockets that way. This will be done later when I officially release my political platform but I will do what ever I must to bring back economic growth and environmental responsibility to the U.S.A. But first, I'm also glad to announce today my Vice-President running mate and some of my team: My Vice-President will be Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth. My campaign manager will be Harrison Bergeron. My PR will be handle by Tom Dobbs. If you want me to be the next US President, just Zoom, Digg(see below) ... this post so that people read it and start their local office to help me out. Watch out Washington, it's just the beginning of a new era of American politics! Watch my video:
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Tha's too cool! Good luck! You've got my vote!

First Canadian: I’m Running To Be The Next US President | McGrath Dot Ca...

Thank's Wayne! lol


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