Found Cheap Web Hosting($1.25/month) And Reseller Hosting($8.70/month)

If you want to have a family blog/site or are doing Internet marketing like me, you need to get web hosting. I found cheap web hosting($1.25/month) and reseller hosting($8.70/month). But I also want a minimum of service/quality behind it. If you did not want the lifetime THC offer from a few months ago or found it's too much money for you, this will be a good alternative for you to get you started.

I found this hosting company a few months ago  but I wanted to test it first. Since it's now done, I'm planning to plan to move some of my domains to my new reseller package in the coming weeks. The backbone is from The planet who also serve Host Gator(my current host) which I know is a solid hosting company in the industry.

Space, Bandwidth and Saving money

In order to be able to give us a cheap price, the space(300MB) and bandwidth(3Gig) are lower than the "big boys" compared to their the basic plan. But at $1.25, it's only $15/year when you pay once a year. The space and bandwidth is enough for someone starting a few targeted blogs with MyStarterBlog for example. If you get bigger, you just upgrade to an higher package.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, hosting companies will suspend your account if you overload constantly their server. For example, if you get 20 000 visitors everyday, don't be surprise if they ask you to move to a dedicated server. At that point(20K), you should be able to make a lot of money to pay for it anyway. ;)

Me, I want targeted paying traffic so I'm able to pay less money for my hosting. For example, I'm paying $24.95/month with one of my HG reseller package. But after looking at my stats, I was only using 1 Gig/month out of 250GB allowed.  By getting the $8.70/month(15Gig/month), I will be saving a lot of money that I can reinvest in my business(buy more domains). I will still have space/bandwidth to grow.

Why I'm using a reseller package?

Unlike a shared host, all my domains are independent of each other. If one of my site get very popular(20K/day) for some reasons, only that domain will be suspended and not my whole account. If I want someone to do custom work for me, I just give access to that domain only.

If I decide to sell a domain made using MyStarterBlog, I can offer hosting for a few months to a year and make money again.

I mentioned flipping(selling) because I know someone who already used MyStarterBlog to flip a simple site and made $125. Does this make you think a little? I sure now!.:D.

Since it support WHM, I can use Domain Dashboard with it.


At this time, I'm using a few host to diversify my IPs. Also, many of my domain names are on 1and1 because I get free Whois privacy and pay less per year. But, a lot of them are hosted elsewhere and now have a new hosting home. :D

But for $24.99/year(hosting+domain name), a person can now have a blog on it's own domain. If you can save money at the same time, why not? Visit my new host now! Use coupon xxxx to get $10.95 off on the basic seller package(so free)
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$1.25 is pretty cheap. But ewhat about their sevice and uptime? Thos are my primary concerns, rather than saving a couple bucks.

Since they are using the same backbone than HG, I did not experience any problems since I started using them a few months ago. That's a big plus for me.


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