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Yes, it's possible with adgridwork. You will noticed that I added free ads at the top of the page. By putting those, my own ad for this blog will be displayed on the other sites in the network. The main goal is to bring more traffic at no cost to members. So people clicking on my ad will directly go to the current contest(Displayed URL(blog), Target URL(contest)). I also included a referral link but I think it may help with my ad being shown more often.(edit: nothing more is gain. It would be interesting to see how many use mine in the future to become a member) Taken from the F.A.Q. If adgridwork is free, how do you plan on making a living off of it?
  • We do not make any money much less a living off of adgridwork. We handle the site in our free time (though lately with the launch it does feel more like a job :-). We simply had an idea and wanted to see it through - see if it would catch on. We have never had any plans to make a living or any money at all from running adgridwork. We just want to make something that people will use. (Plus if it catches on, it will look really good on a resume ;-)
My only problem is that they shutdown because of a lack of money. :( I would suggest that they add a donation option(i.e. $5 only) if the cost becomes too much later. So, if a member gain more traffic, they could give a little something to say thanks. Because they don't want to make money, they could be transparent by showing the monthly cost. It's a great ideal and I bet a good learning experience for them. Bravo and thank you! P.S. I saw it on LinkRambler
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I never noticed that. Of course, many widget have them too. Maybe Google dismissed them because to many blogs would be banned.

The service is cool and all... but I dont understand why they put an hidden link in their ad code... this can get you to be banned from google... and this is bad

This is a great site and a great service for so many of us on the web looking for targeted traffic to our blogs and businesses. I look forward to learning more about it.

this is the great site for search targetted traffic.. I hope this can be more service in a long day..


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