Got AlertPay(PayPal Alternative)! Where To Use It Now?

Now that you have a free AlertPay account(PayPal Alternative), you may say to yourself: "Where to use it now?" Here are simple solutions:
  • If you have a blog/site, you could accept AlertPay payments from advertisers. Not every country has access to PayPal. It could generate new possibilities for you.
  • You could offer to pay a logo designer with AlertPay. I just thought of it. :p
  • To accommodate clients, I accept being paid with AlertPay on 1 Cool File, TrustURL and with my own software AuctionSiteWriter.
  • Using a contest is another option to pay people
Many affiliate sites are now paying with AlertPay only. The ideal is to start using AlertPay to receive payments. The more people knows about it, the more you can start using it on other sites like mines. Plus, the fees are a bit lower than PayPal. :D Do you have your free AlertPay account yet! It's my PayPal Alternative(backup payment processor) P.S. I Made $40 In A Few Minutes With AlertPay because I used it Edit 2008/06/26: I added AuctionSiteWriter
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No, I don't but the more webmasters start to use it, the better. :)

Interesting information here. But do you know any other sites using Alertpay? Too many use Paypal thats for sure lol!

Currently using the free account, meaning no fees for inbound or outbound transfers.

That's not good.


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