Got the dreaded PayPal Limited Account Access email

After reading on Ades Blog about his limited access to his PayPal account issue, I had the same thing happen to me today. But... .. it was a phishing scam. The email was not properly formatted thus did not received it in html and was able to see all the code but not the text very well. The link they wanted me to click on was pointing to another site. All the other links were from PayPal but mostly of GIF, JPG. Also, I made a big purchase yesterday with my account(more on that soon :D ). The formated looks very professional on first look. The phishing site was closed just a few minutes after I had received the email. I think PayPal got a few emails about it! Now, I'm wondering. Did they read Ades Blog or have a Google Alert with "PayPal limited account"? They see a post, check comments for possible baits and try to "phish" someone very fast. PayPal Phishing

Click the image to enlarge

In red, you can see where it would go. In green, you can see that it's linking to the PayPal.
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Here is the post about it:

Im also found similar case and till now Im still waiting for paypal to release my account...Ive post in my site so if have time visit my blog.

Actually yes i should but i dont used dean migration permalink but its look not working so i change back...u have any idea

Use this:

Can i know what custom link structure? I cannot fin it coz im using default option

In WordPress = >Options => Permalinks => Date and name based(what I used)

Yeah back to PAypal still in limited, the problem is im using my debit card to activate my PP acc 2 years ago, however that DC has missing so I dont know how to restore my limited acc to normal acc.Try to upload my billing add but keep rejected.

[...] Having a second alternative could be a good thing too in case your PayPal get frozen. Ask Ades! [...]

Would like to see how crappy the email is formated. Any screenshots?

Go to below post...

Don't need to go. I added one.

[...] In 2007, it was Ades that had the PayPal Limited Account Access email. [...]


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