I Made $40 In A Few Minutes With AlertPay

I got my first AlertPay(now Payza) payment today. You will notice that the fees are less than PayPal. It was worth it to take a few minutes to register back then to get the free AlertPay Premium account and it's a nice alternative with lesser fees. The product below was only accepting both of these payment processors

With AlertPay

Income 4 Beginners Payments

With PayPal

Income 4 Beginners Payments

The difference is not huge but in some case, the PayPal fees could be $1.86 when Seller Protection Policy is Ineligible. I don't know what would be the equivalent with AlertPay but I guest it would also be lower.

It's like having an extra $0.21 ad click. It takes cents to make a dollar and it add up at the end of the year. That's why I accept it on 1 Cool File, TrustURL or with my software AuctionSiteWriter. Don't get me wrong, PayPal is still the most popular way on the Internet but it's not available everywhere in the world. AlertPay covers more countries and more companies are paying their affiliates with it since PayPal made a rule change.

In a sense, by taking a few minutes to setup my AlertPay Premium account, I made an extra sale that I would otherwise would not had made.

Will you create or do you have an AlertPay Premium account? It's free anyway and a PayPal backup!

Income 4 Beginners Payments

Edit 2008/01/08: I got my second AlertPay payment a few days later thus making $80. :D

Edit 2008/02/14:: Thanks for Mike to point it out, AlertPay was mentioned on CNN

Edit 2008/07/01:: I added AuctionSiteWriter

Edit 2008/07/14: A client wanted to buy AuctionSiteWriter and pay with PayPal since yesterday. But for some weird reasons, he could not even after speaking with PayPal support(browser issue they mentioned). So, he opened an AlertPay instead to pay me. The backup account goes both ways.

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Glad to see you are still going places.

Yes I do with every dollar I make like the above. :D

hey great blog i just registered an alertpay account a couple of weeks ago and its quite good. i'm really happy with their customer service and btw thanx for letting me know about alertpay :D

No problem Mike. I was glad to help :D

Wow CNN just did an article about AlertPay.com ! I guess AlertPay is getting up there.

Thanks Mike. When CNN do a round up about PayPal alternatives and AlertPay is in there, then it is a good thing for them.

I've opened an AlertPay account today...there was a little snafu with authorization link they sent to me as it didn't work. Then their support staff responded to my request for a new one...as of yet I've not recv'd that email. I do suspect it will come shortly. Then we'll add it to the corporate site at www.fusedlogic.com as we'll be adding some very exciting original products for download there...very cool stuff. Not the usual affliliate run on forever sales letter stuff we all I think are a bit tired of....

Guyz please help me,i've got a alertpay account.but when i'm going to fulfil the forms of the paid advertisment sites like "Bux.to",it asks me the "Alertpay mail".What we have to give there?does anyone knows answer please tell me.answer badly needed.hurry up guys.

shailesh: I'm not a member but I would expect it's the email you use for Alertpay. It's like PayPal.

They have a refferal program $5 for each ref.

In theory, yes!

[...] in Canada. Often being just under Toshiba in Google depending on certain keywords. Plus, X is an AlertPay fan by supporting that PayPal alternative. I did not know he wrote a free ebook until [...]

[...] I Made $40 In A Few Minutes With AlertPay because I used [...]

how can i register and make money

Just use this link and it's at the top of their site: Sign Up

[...] need a free AlertPay Premium account. If you don't know them, it's like PayPal with less fees. I reviewed and using [...]

you can earn for free

Am a member of alertpay but yet i do not have any money in my account why

What is love:love be defined as emotion rising of the opposite site which may resuit to marriage

Alertpay or Paypal are equally good , you can make money in both of them !!

Alert pay has few major issues. See what happened to me:

I use both and they are essential to my business and so verification is very important.


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