I need $100,000 for ...

buying .mcgrath new Top Level Domain(TLD). :D Today, ICANN relaxed the rules to let people create their own TLDs. Is it going to be a TLD gold rush? Maybe but the small guy will not be able to afford it. I wonder how many softwares or sites will be broken because they validated the URL for potential misspelling? Maybe the adult industry will want to invest $100,000 in the .xxx so to be good and responsible Internet member. They could still keep the .com(front end) but send people to the .xxx instead for the real mature content. That would be the best thing to do. The group creating the .xxx could be a non-profit so to keep the cost down thus encouraging sites owners to register their .xxx with them. Personally, I have mixed feelings on this decision but I guest 2009 will tell if it was a good decision or not. More details about the real fees will be made public by then. One thing may happen next year: ICANN fees will probably be raised to support that extra work they will now get. Wait! $100,000 should cover that cost so they won't have any reasons to do so. ;) Btw, any McGrath willing to create a .mcgrath with me? :D
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i can see all the speculators just lining up to hog up more domains.

[...] I need $100,000 for … [...]

Mark, The funny thing is that most don't use their parked domains at their fullest. They could add a simple BANS sites and make money that way instead.


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