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Looking at my traffic logs today, I found someone searching for information. When it first came out, I even wrote a review about it and even created a page. It was my first experience with buying PLR. The problem is that it stop working sometimes in the first quarter of 2008. For Sale?

It's been sometime so I figured I would check it out to if it was still the blank page. I saw for sale. Looking at the traffic, it had 21,489 visitors in the last 31 days. I presumed that it was former affiliates checking it out too, people having found the ebook thus landed there from the affiliate link in the ebook or other reasons.

Since it was for sale, I decided to make a bid. I tried a few numbers first and finally found the minimum bid: 60USD. For me, it was not a big risk for that "kind" of traffic that will eventually died down in time. But first, I had to register on SEDO to be able to make my bid.  A few hours later, the seller came back with a counter and final offer: 3500EUR. That's 5,045.41USD at today's exchange rate. What the ....? Anyway, I was not going to pay that much even with the traffic so I stopped the negotiation right there.

The trouble with all this was not the fact the seller was asking that amount. It was because the seller wasted my time by not giving a more appropriate starting price. Starting at 2000-3000EUR would had been a much better price. But $60USD ...Come on!

So, if you ever sell a domain, make sure not to waste the time of potential bidders.

Why did you want to buy it?

For those wondering how I would had used The answer is simple: I would had sent visitors to See Free Movies Legally.

Let's use 20 000 visitors x 1% = 200 buyers at $3 = $600/month. It would take me 8-9 months to make my money back. In my example, I used a lower conversion ratio to play safe.

However, I could had bought a double opt in list of affiliates marketers and drive much more traffic to my site for much less than the asking price.

Edit 2008-10-31: I bought it and be sending the traffic to the See Free Movies Legally. The traffic is much less than SEDO was reporting. I won't say the price I paid.  ;)
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