Is Site Build It A Scam?

Lis wrote an interesting post called: Site Build It Scam Review.

Thanks for mentioning MyStarterBlog.

I wanted to leave a comment but found that a post would be better since it's content on my blog and expected to write a lot. ;)

Anyway, Lis found, mostly the same SBI users, commenting and I give Lis credit on approving those comments. They corrected/answered Lis and that's okay. Some comment were so long that I guest some of them were writing their comments at the same time thus duplicating the same answers.  It's a longer read than I expected.

I can also understand using the word "scam" from her point of view when there are many other cheaper alternative elsewhere. But for someone who start in this business, it could be a good way to have everything centralized in one place. That's is you have the first $300 to invest.

But since they show them what they need to do, why should they pay $300 for the the second site?  A user could have a site with 300 products while another have 100 sites with 3 products each.   The second user would be using the tools a little more but pay $300/year!!! Is it fair for her/him?

For example, if SBI would let them use the tools on unlimited sites with a small extra fee, this would be a better deal for users.   Otherwise, just buy software(with free lifetime updates like BMD, FBF, Keyword Elite, SEO Elite... ) and create unlimited sites at a lower hosting cost. Creating the site is not the problem. It's the getting traffic part that's time consuming and dull.

For some with only 1 site  and earning that money back, $300 could be enough for them to keep using SBI and not to have to deal with the technical side of their site. Then again, they remain at their "mercy". That's the real downside. I know that from personal experience with a site I bough from another person(not SBI). I know a lot more now by being more independent.

Last year, I bought around $700-1000 in SEO software. Then again, I have more than 100 domains. If I had used SBI, my cost even with their 2 for 1  or spring sale would be much higher ($10 000-15 000).  At $300, you must be sure that you chosen the right products or it will be a costing lessons for a newbie.

In the next weeks, I plan to be in a "build sites mode" thus increasing and diversifiyng my revenue streams.  I will pay $1 for .info so if I failed, then it's less than 1 hour +$1 I waisted. I will learned months later if I picked the right keywords. If I'm wrong, at least it's not $300 per site being waisted.

But with all those comments, Lis was not answered on the cost of getting you domain out of SBI if someone would want to stop using SBI.

Also, some mentioned that they own their sites. Okay, but following on Lis questions, what if someone used a graphic belonging to SBI. Can they take it with them? Are the images exclusive to SBI or royalty free?

Those that answered are those, I'm sure die hard users, who made or about to make their $300/year back and I'm glad for them. But those few commenter's anti-SBI were accused of not following the steps.

This bring me to ask what is the success rate using a centralize model like SBI after 1 year? I specified 1 year to be fair because you have to put in the time in any model.

Also, what's the average profit margin of those who made more than $300? It's important because if you put 100 hours(part time) but only made a $200/year profit then, it's not a good ROI. Most would not work for $2/hour, at least in develop countries(cost of living).

Some mentioned getting targeted traffic. Okay, but what's their converting targeted traffic reate? If you have 500 targeted visitors/day but no one buys/clicks then it's crap traffic. The only traffic that counts is the traffic that earn you money. It's a business not a blog for the social bragging rights of visitor or RSS readers.

One comment made me laugh about typos on her blog. This showed me the lack of understanding of getting traffic from typos. Heck, I make a lot of typos since English is not my first language. I do try but I'm sure that if I read at my older post I would ask myself what I was thinking at that time. I'm not saying that you should make types on purpose.

So, is Site Build It a scam?

From reading the answers from comments, I don't think so. For me, it's over price and even more on the second site. It's my opinion.

Also, Lis was slammed for making too many mistakes in her review of Site Build It Scam.  But how many potential clients would read the same thing on SBI and passed on it because they were thinking the same thing as her? That's the most important point here that SBIers missed.
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LOL Steve I hesitate to click notify me of followup comments, my inbox is a little out of control at the moment! I've never had so much free unique content in my life!

Hi Steve,

Erwin Steneker 16k A month get the F*** out of here with that S*** son you might be able to bull your way with noobs I just looked at your site and priced the traffic vs the adsense ads you show son you make S*** money you make but a few hundred a month if that. I just do not get the need to justify a service with lies. Look if your happy spending 300 a year for a site that is great no matter what money you make what is important is your happy but please do not try to justify the 300 with a bull income report again I am a real IM guy so please be real LMAO!!!!


Jenna if you understood IM you would not be asking. Because the predominant link color is the adsense box so the highest bounce will be the link also the more monetization on a page the lower the CTR which in this case please name me the other monetization on his site. Now lets say this was a hybrid and he drives traffic to convert into primary offline income lets say consulting then you would be an idiot putting adsense ads and having people click out for 3 cent ads when you can make 50-100 an hour in consulting. Again if you understood how IM works you would know, this is why schmucks like this can make a post like this and have noobs really beleive they make 16k a month from a $300 or less adsense site LMAO!!!

Adsense is a part of an overall monetization strategy.

Thank you Vic, for your very well thought out response on something you cannot possibly know anything about (unless you work for Dutch taxes).

Andre and that is why you make probably 2 cents in adsense LMAO!!!! Yes you can target exactly who you show adsense but then again if you knew you would not be using SBI right? LMAO!!!

Common Erwin try me I have an MBA lets see what you got give me the keywords you work ;) I might not be able to tell how much money you make but I can tell you how much money you make from the crap adsense niche you put in the url LMAO!!

This is what I like about the forums at SBI.

[...] believe the hype? Then have a read of Lissie’s Site Build It Scam Review and/or Steve’s Is Site Build It a Scam? [...]

Andre when all is said and done why is it you do not post a link to your 2 cent site? LMAO!!!!

Wow! I go away for an afternoon(rare for me) and come back to all this lol

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Hope you benefit from the extra traffic Steve!

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Rhys, I don't do it for the extra traffic since it's not a paying traffic for me. ;) Heck, most should had bought MyStarterBlog to replace their WP/SBI sites lol Anyway, I voiced my opinion.

[...] You can additionally assistance Steve widespread the summary on his blog Is Site Set up It a Scam? [...]

Vic, why don't you and Erwin both begin two sites at the same time, using the same exact keywords.

The only thing I'd like to say is that I've never pushed SBI on any of my websites. Yes I own both SBI sites and regular cheap-hosted domains. My earnings come from my niche(s), which are not related to internet marketing at all.

Jeremy M,

[...] related blog post is also attracting attention. This is from Steve McGrath and the post title is Is Site Build It a Scam? Unlike the one from Lis, the title itself is asking a question rather than questioning the site. I [...]

Steve pretty much said it all right now we have huge projects Steve knows this personally that are important but shit for $100k it would make it my worth but of course as with all these fake income posters he will not have money to back it up so as always it will be a waste of my time.

Steve, you are the man.


Tonia, you comment was in Askimet thus the delay.

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Good day, just wanted to say that I have a site with SBI and I could not be happier with them. I started and I did not even know what a keyword was 2 years ago .. now my site is in 5th position on google with my book right behind it in a very competitive field. SBI was what I needed to get started with a site having not a clue how to build or work a site or the time to do it on my own- I needed a company to show me step by step how to do it and they did. I may not be techy or internet savy but SBI works for me and my business. And for me the $300 yr is bypassed over and over again in what my site brings in and I am not an affiliate site. But more important my site helps a lot of people to learn the business and from contacts from it I have columns in National Fashion Magazines and I enjoy what I do and it is a new learning experience each day.

Renee, I'm glad you make your money back each year.

[...] Is Site Build It a Scam? - Question asked by Steve McGrath on his blog [...]

I honestly do not understand all these site build scam theories. In my opinion if you can not make money with site build it you are ignorant and would never be able to make money with anything online. If you are smart Site Build It will take you to the top of the search results. I have achieved over 75 top 10 google rankings out of 200 pages. Scam right? How incredibly off. I am reaping the rewards of it so Im not sure how it is a scam.

[...] Steve spreads the message on his blog Is Site Build It a Scam? [...]

[...] Is Site Build It a Scam? - Question asked by Steve McGrath on his blog [...]

[...] Steve spreads the message on his blog Is Site Build It a Scam? [...]

[...] sito Build It Funny Noobs sono su Blogger Unleashed.Steve si diffonde il messaggio sul suo blog è il sito a realizzarlo è una truffa?Presentazione video è il sito a realizzarlo è una truffa?: No It’s Just * t bullsh – [...]

SBI is not a scam. That might be a bit harsh. It can be considered over-priced if you were to add up the value of what (it seems) some SBI users actually access each month.

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Any way you look at it, people for SiteBuild It, or against it, there sure is plenty to read, watch and listen to over the net about the service.

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Thanks, good posting for site build. How willing would you be to express an opinion or ask a question if you got flamed for your supposed ignorance?

Hey just wanna say I have 2 SBI sites and I've been working my ass off for ages on them.

Saw this somewhere else....SBI = Suckers Buy It, lol.

thank you nice sharing...

Any way you look at it, people for SiteBuild It, or against it, there sure is plenty to read, watch and listen to over the net about the service.

Any way you look at it, people for SiteBuild It, or against it, there sure is plenty to read, watch and listen to over the net about the service.

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thanks and greets for publisher.Greets, Ken

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